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  • Getting naked is usually great .. But not this time

  • What's up guys I'm Sapna here for DNews.

  • In the movie Everest that came out in 2015.. kind of a spoiler alert but not really and

  • the movie is based on a true story... but anywayso towards the end of the movie

  • .. one of the guys who was stuck at the top of Mount Everest overnight in the bitter cold

  • starts to rip off his coat and outer layers.

  • That might seem super weird but it's actually a documented phenomenon unofficially called

  • paradoxical undressing.

  • The reason it's calledparadoxical undressingis because stripping down while you're freezing

  • to death is the exact opposite of what we should instinctively do to protect ourselves

  • from the cold!

  • But it happens to some people during extreme stages of hypothermia.

  • Hypothermia is when the body temperature dips to dangerously low levels-- below 95 degrees

  • Fahrenheit

  • A study by German researchers in the International Journal of Legal Medicine looked at 69 cases

  • of death caused by hypothermia.

  • They found that 25% of those victims were partially or completely naked.

  • And an article in New Scientist suggests that 20 to 50% of people who die from hypothermia

  • may exhibit signs of this bizarre behavior.

  • A study in Sweden looked at 33 cases of people who fit the description based on police reports..

  • And they found it was pretty much even across the board in terms of men and women and age

  • range.

  • During the later stages of hypothermiapeople are really out of it.

  • They're disoriented.

  • If they were drinking or doing drugs, that of course may factor into the confused behavior

  • and bad judgement.

  • But beyond thatthere is another reason why extremely hypothermic people may take

  • off all their clothes.

  • They do it because they actually feel hot.

  • There are a couple of physiological theories behind this.

  • According to a study published back in 1979 in the Journal of Forensic Science... one

  • possible explanation for paradoxical undressing is peripheral vasoconstriction.

  • Peripheral vasoconstriction refers to tight constricted blood vessels in the outer parts

  • of the the arms and the legs.

  • That's a good thing in extreme cold because it keeps blood flowing inward to the core

  • organs.

  • But the theory is that when the body becomes so exhausted from fighting the cold.. the

  • tiny muscles that keep peripheral blood vessels constricted tire out.

  • So the blood vessels open up..

  • The blood rushes back to the skin.. and creates a really hot flushed feeling.

  • Another theory is that extreme cold messes with the brain-- the hypothalamus region in

  • particular, which is the central command for body temperature regulation.

  • If the cold causes the hypothalamus to malfunctionit may alter signals to the body.. making

  • you think you're really hot when you're not.

  • So taking off clothing may seem like a great idea... even though it's not.

  • There's one more part to this wacky phenomenon that I want to tell you.

  • Just before freezing to death.. humans also tend to burrow or wedge themselves into a

  • tight space.

  • Some call it terminal burrowing behavior.

  • That German study we talked about earlier discovered that the hypothermic people who

  • were found partially or completely naked were also found in a tight space..

  • Like underneath a bed, behind a wardrobe or on a shelf.

  • A tight space can help minimize heat loss so unlike getting undressed, this burrowing

  • behavior actually makes sense.

  • It's not fully understood but those German researchers say it's thought to be triggered

  • by the brain a protective measure..

  • Kind of like how warm-blooded hibernating animals burrow into a small, enclosed den

  • for the winter.

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  • Long before you get to extreme hypothermia, frostbite is concern.

  • Trace explains what frostbite really does to your body in this video

  • What other bizarre human behaviors do you want to know more about?

  • Tell us down in the comments and don't forget to like and subscribe for more DNews every

  • day.

Getting naked is usually great .. But not this time

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Why People Get Naked Before Freezing To Death

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