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  • Hi, I'm Anna Akana and I am so excited to be a guest on one of my favourite channels.

  • For those of you who don't know I have five cats myself.

  • So obviously a collab between me and Simon's Cat had to happen eventually.

  • And because I know you're all wondering my cats are Lily, Abby, Jimmy, Congress and Beetle.

  • Now, I'm sure most of you tuning in probably have a cat or five because after all cats are kind of the cornerstone of the Internet.

  • But, maybe you don't have a furry friend and that is the exact reason why you come to Simon's Cats Channel.

  • Well, for those of you kind of on the fence about whether or not to adopt a few kitties, I am here today to push you over that fence and convince you to have some fur babies.

  • So, here are three reasons why adopting a cat is an awesome thing to do.

  • One: they're healthy for you.

  • Studies have actually shown that the act of petting a cat reduces your blood pressure and relieves stress and anxiety.

  • And, sure they might raise your blood pressure on occasion when they ruin your work or scratch up your couch.

  • But, for the most part cats are an amazing source of comfort during hard times.

  • I know whenever I come home from like a very stressful day I like to cuddle with one or two or all of my cats to really help me relieve some stress and just take a break.

  • Two: studies also say that cats are a huge help with depression and loneliness as well as helping you recover over the loss of a loved one more quickly.

  • Pet owners actually show less symptoms of emotional pain than non pet owners when you're mourning the loss of a loved one.

  • I know for me when my sister passed away I started bringing cats home.

  • I was never allowed to have any pets because my dad was in the military.

  • But, once my sister died I just really needed something to take care of and remind me how beautiful life can be.

  • So, if you are experiencing any kind of depression, loneliness or grief having a pet really reminds you that death is a very natural part of life.

  • And, three: this comes from me being a multiple cat owner over the course of the last ten years.

  • But, cats teach you responsibility and in a way almost simulates parenthood.

  • I'm a very maternal person like I love taking care of things whether it's a human or a plant or an animal.

  • And, I have a strong maternal instinct.

  • I'm at that age where my body and my brain are like "have a bunch of babies"

  • But I love my career and want to keep working on that.

  • So I know that children aren't the best decision for me right now.

  • Five cats however is almost like having half of a kid.

  • And, as a result it's made me more responsible caring and mature--just like Simon.

  • Taking care of another living creature not only teaches you how to take care of yourself but it gives you a sense of fulfilment that you otherwise wouldn't get.

  • I hope that these reasons and more will encourage you to adopt a couple of cats at your local shelter.

  • Not only are they wonderful fur children and amazing companions but they're also intimidating little dictators to have in your home.

  • And, if you do have a cat or two please tell us in the comments below what you think the key benefits are.

  • I also made a companion video on my channel in collaboration with Simon's Cat that you can check out here.

  • I'm Anna Akana stay awesome Gotham!

Hi, I'm Anna Akana and I am so excited to be a guest on one of my favourite channels.

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