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  • Hey guys, so i have a couple things to announce today.

  • First of all I have a new cooking video coming up next Monday.

  • I'm sorry for taking so much time to make videos but it will be up next week. Second, I have something to show you.

  • *kitty swipes*

  • No, Poki, no no no no no

  • This is one of 30 recipes I have posted on Patreon and yes I do have a Patreon now.

  • I wanted to make this video to let you know how you can support this channel if you want to.

  • If you don't want to or can't, that is

  • totally fine

  • If you don't know what Patreon is, it's a website where you can support creators

  • by pledging any amount you feel comfortable and in return

  • You can get rewards depending on how much you pledge. Some of the rewards I offer are 24-hour early access to my cooking videos,

  • a Patreon exclusive recipe like this

  • access to special channels on discord where you can ask me questions directly,

  • a video with bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage of my cooking videos, a lot of cooking demo and you can even send me your knife and

  • I will sharpen it myself. My patreon choice is once i upload a normal video, not an announcement video like this

  • and my goal is to make one video a month.

  • And sometimes it takes longer than 2,

  • up to 3 and so

  • in that case you'll be

  • expected to rage every two to three months.

  • And I used to have a Patreon for the other channel Rachel and Jun but we decided to close it. And I opened it

  • just for this channel so I can focus more on this channel

  • and thanks to this support i was able to upgrade so many equipments. And here are some examples:

  • we bought this drone thanks to you all on Patreon

  • which filmed many opening shots for our videos here now. We bought these mics to make our audio better.

  • We've bought these lights to get better lighting, and of course cameras and the one i'm using now is GH5

  • which is one of the best cameras i can get on the market.

  • It films 4K 60 frames per second which is crazy, and hard drives and these are just some that we have

  • and this one is 16 terabytes

  • because 4K Video files are crazily big and this one's actually getting full too so we might have to get another one

  • And computers that are fast enough to be able to edit videos

  • This one actually can't edit 4K videos so we built desktop over there that's fast enough

  • To be able to edit 4K videos

  • It was quite expensive but it was definitely worth it. These are just some examples we have and we have a lot more

  • but there's not much space left on the counter

  • And i'm very very grateful to be able to make videos with these amazing tools

  • But the thing is, you definitely do not have to support this channel through patreon

  • Just watching my videos is more than enough and thank you everyone so much for watching my videos so far.

  • But if you want support through Patreon I have one now. Anyway thank you so much and see you next Monday or Sunday

  • Bye!

Hey guys, so i have a couple things to announce today.

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