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Good thing I picked up that first aid kit, yeah
I do I'm gonna submit it. I will definitely make
This is my Jordan on our top 500 in the world miles
That's fucked oh, oh that was good that was good
Shoot him like in the chin splash neck
the border on the bullet holes in his neck
No, it's in his chin neck
So he loses his helmet and goes to nine like 1% health from a chin neck shot with a level one helmet
Doesn't make any sense I guess it's a neck shot
Yeah, I guess it's a neck shot, then I'm on the bottom floor below you yeah
We all have 15 volts on a pistol. I Sam. I saw a shadow
Where's the ammo in here
You got him inside
Yeah, oh my door. The same good job. Is it right? I'm literally nuts with this
I need health I need health fold on fuck 8x everywhere
8x everyone that's me I'd like to see
Oh oh
Do it again do it again do it again?
You see inflamed
Boys come oh yeah, so sparkly
Oh hilarious
I'm okay
Practicing like the best
Oh, did you see my arm?
She see how hard I pulled out on that
Was why I bailed
Out she's like Karenia chief. I write da da
Da Kali ma ciabatta
Alenia da
In kray-kray sahaja yoga stars
In characterizing
The filonov oxygen we yes, I
800 meters I mean
One two one two city it is something rotten
Provided Jim hi
The other day he gets to be the winner winner chicken dinner
Turkey or Tom sit back down
Sawadee cause this our
Bug we launched about what?
Arm swing
My arms like swinging behind
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PUBG Funny Moments Highlights #2 (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

500 Folder Collection
lkt-171085 published on June 3, 2018
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