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  • hello and welcome back to another edition of ProTech

  • today we're going to cover the basic function and benefits of turbochargers

  • The first thing we should do is go over how these things work

  • A turbocharger uses the engines exhaust gas to drive a turbine wheel at speeds up

  • to 280,000 rpm

  • the turbine wheel is connected by a shaft to compressor wheel and the two

  • wheels turn together to suck in and compress large amounts of ambient air

  • air is very dense and very hot

  • so it's passed through a charge air intercooler like a radiator where cools and

  • gains even higher density before entering the engine

  • the presence of this compressed air makes the fuel burn more efficiently

  • thereby delivering greater power and consuming less energy

  • turbos are increasingly coupled with high pressure fuel injection systems

  • a combination that makes it even more thorough efficient and cleaner

  • combustion

  • now that we know how turbos work let's talk about the benefits that they

  • provide

  • turbocharged gasoline engines are more efficient. Delivering up to

  • 30% better fuel economy over a non turbocharged equivalent

  • diesel engines the benefits are even greater

  • a turbo diesel engine of the same power rating delivers up to

  • 40% better fuel efficiency compared to a non boosted gas engine

  • which is why a 100% of the current diesel vehicles are

  • turbocharged

  • along with improving

  • fuel economy

  • turbos also improve vehicle performance

  • by creating more power and torque

  • on top of the performance and fuel consumption benefits

  • turbocharged engines are even better for the environment

  • their operated for free on otherwise wasted exhaust gas

  • well optimizing engine air for cleaner combustion allowing for smaller engines

  • without compromising performance

  • for consumers turbocharged engines are attractive option that requires no

  • compromise on performance and fuel efficiency

  • while retaining the fun of driving

  • this explains why there has been such an increase of turbocharged vehicles

  • appearing on the road any in OEM future lineups

  • I hope this information has been insightful and informative

  • in future segments

  • we'll cover some common issues that occur with turbos and how to resolve them

  • thanks for your time and I'll see you on our next addition of ProTech

hello and welcome back to another edition of ProTech

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