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My name is Stuart, and today we're going to
show you how to fit these new Turbosmart mechanical

boost gauge to your car.
To demonstrate the installation, today we're
going to be using our Mitsubishi Evo 8 test

In the box, you'll find everything needed
to install the boost gauge into your car.

You have the gauge, the panel mount bezel,
the panel mount bracket and screws, vacuum

hose, T-piece, and instructions.
Also available separately is our mounting
cup that can be used on roll-cage or dashboard.

First step in the installation process is
to locate a suitable vacuum source on the

inlet manifold.
Making sure that the restrictor on the T-piece
is facing towards the boost gauge.

Next we put the vacuum hose on the T-piece
and run the vacuum hose through the firewall,

to a location that you want the gauge to be

Now that we've installed the vacuum line,
next thing to do is to install the gauge in

the cabin of the car.
Find a suitable location for the gauge in
the car.

In this instance, we're going to mount it
on top of the steering column so it's easy

to see.
Pull the vacuum hose through the firewall,
and underneath the dash, to a location that

you want to mount your gauge.
Next we're going to wire up the backlighting
on the gauge.

In this case, we're using the illumination
wire from the stereo alone.

Check with the multimeter, and when you switch
the headlights on in the car, the power is

supplied to the gauge.
With the steering column cover safely off
the car, we are now ready to drill holes.

With the wires connected and the vacuum hose
inserted into the back of the cup, we can

now put the cover back on the steering column.
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Turbosmart Boost Gauge Installation Instructions Fitting Tutorial How-To Turbo

281 Folder Collection
許小龍 published on June 2, 2018
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