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Hello colleagues in my channel
today I will drive the car to a workshop for my front wheels alignment
Yes but no
I'll do it myself
any of you may know it
from internet
for those who do not know it
I'll show you how it works
first level the steering wheel to the middle
go into the car and steer the steering wheel
do you see
what are you talking about
you see the string
stretch it
must be equal to the rear rim
I will show you
with what you have at hand, it is important to measure
a little more needs to move
adjust until it is equal to both ends
make it identical at both ends of the rear rim
Move left to right until it is equal to both ends
it touches lightly
it is made in a place protected from wind
need to move a little
I've tied it to this tube
you are measuring again
first starting from the left end
because I already did, now I only show you
watch it be the same on the front wheel
equal to the rear wheels
a difference of 0.5 mm is allowed
already did
unscrew the nut and move slightly until it is level
spraying with WD-40, waiting a little and unscrewng
check several times
the method works
if it is not
you get under the car
unscrew the nut
I put a bracket on it because I'm afraid of going away
unscrew the nut underneath it
you will not have it, the nut will be visible
in my case had to unscrew
is normal thread
I already did, just show you how it works
the bolt unscrew a bit difficult, but it is not impossible
hold with the key what's on the tire side
if necessary remove the tire
I propped one of the wrenches
and with a jack I picked up the other wrench until it unscrew
you make front wheel to be equal to the back wheel
at both ends, starting from the left
the string must be at the middle of the rim
you measure from both ends of the rear rim to be the same and then the front should be equal again at both ends
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DIY Front Wheels Alignment Using String

205 Folder Collection
許小龍 published on June 2, 2018
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