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Hi, I'm Sarah. We're in Sydney, Australia,
and today I'm going to take you through our offices at Domain.
We've been in these offices for nearly a year now and
I was part of a team that helped organize and determine the fit out.
We really wanted to make sure that we tapped into a lot of the
beautiful properties that we showcase on our website and in our app every single week.
You may find that Domain feels more like a home than an office.
Take a look around.
This is one of our really great brainstorm spaces, great sessions in the middle,
and then we can break out to the various zones.
It's not a Friday so there's not a whole lot of drinks here at the moment,
but there is free coffee.
Can I grab a skim flat white please?
Making sure that we had lots of natural plants in our office space
was really important as part of the design piece.
Not only is it our brand color, but it really does help with inspiration.
Up on level five, we have our marketing and editorial teams,
as well as our sales and finance teams.
Here at Domain we all have a desk, even the CEO. No one has an office.
On level one, we've got a breakout space. You can see lots of people in action.
It gets pretty hectic down here when we've got birthday cake,
with over 300 people in the office here, that's a lot of cake.
At Domain we host an Innovation Week twice a year.
We invite people from all over the business, not just our product and tech teams,
to have a say in what might be included in our apps.
We work in teams and pitch the ideas to our leadership team
and the winning ideas are included in our products.
This space was previously a woolshed and it's heritage-listed.
There's lots of pillars around which presented some design challenges.
Our meeting rooms here on level one are all named after Sydney parks.
This one's Centennial Park.
We can book the meeting rooms online or on these interactive iPads.
We even have a barbecue up on our rooftop space,
but in Australia, we call that a sausage sizzle.
Up on level five we have a really nice, relaxed and beachy vibe.
You can see we've got an aqua bumps here on the wall.
And our meeting rooms are named after Sydney beaches.
Balmoral Beach.
And of course, Bondi Beach.
I'd take you in, but there's a meeting going on in there at the moment.
We do all sorts of events down here. We've recently launched Domain Academy,
and here's one of our events in action.
In Australia, we're all obsessed with property. It's the national conversation.
So we wanted to make sure in designing this office space
that we really made it feel like a premium and homely environment.
We've got lots of beautiful furniture here to make you really feel at home.
It's not necessarily about things like free popcorn and gimmicky pieces like that.
It really is about a premium, beautiful workspace.
Thanks for coming to the land down under and checking out our offices at Domain.
I've got to get back to it. Bye!
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Domain's Sydney office | Office Envy

824 Folder Collection
Samuel published on May 30, 2018    Rachel Kung translated    Samuel reviewed
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