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♪ Blippi ♪
♪ So much to learn about ♪
♪ it will make you want to shout! Blippi! ♪
You probably didn't recognize me with my hard hat on
and my safety vest.
And look down here.
Yeah, this and that back there, these what are called skid steer.
And today in this video I am going to show you
some fun things to do with the skid steer.
Come on!
Ok. Got to get this nice and perfect.
I'm ready. Come on!
Seat belt on. LAP bar down.
Let's fire up.
Ok. Here I go!
Would you pick a skid steer with me so we can drive it?
Yeah, come on.
There's so many right here.
Should we drive this one?
What about this one?
This one?
It's a INAUDIBLE but na.
This one?
This one looks awesome! Come on.
Ok. I'm going to drive it.
But in order to drive it
we need some safety equipment on.
Ok, got my hard hat.
And then I've got my safety vest.
It's nice and bright and orange.
So then everyone can see us.
It's so safe.
Ok. And last but not least
check that out. I've got the keys.
Ok, seat belt.
Lap bar.
Here we go!
Do you hear that engine purr? Yes, nice purr.
Here I go.
Did you see that?
This is the inside of the skid steer.
See? I'm wearing my safety belt. That is the first rule.
All right. Now I'm buckled in.
These, these are how you operate the skid steer.
This one makes the skid steer go forward.
Left and right.
And then this one operates the bucket.
Pull it back and raise it.
Push it forward and lowers.
Ok. Now I'm going to lower the lap bar and then scoop a giant bucket.
Here we go!
Oh wait! I'm going to tell you to get away real quick by...
The horn!
Watch out!
Here I go!
There's a giant scoop INAUDIBLE out.
I'm driving the skid steer.
Look at the bucket.
Watch this. I'm goint to raise the bucket real high in the sky!
Look at how high it is up there.
Ok, I'll bring it back down.
That's so cool. I'm going to take off now.
Ok. Now I'm going to teach you the parts of the skid steer.
Come on!
This right here, yeah, this is a bucket.
It's pretty big!
Come on.
And these are the hydraulic cylinders.
That attached to the attachment.
And the loader arm.
The loader arm is what lifts up the attachment
and down the attachment.
And this, this hydraulic cilinder is the loader arm hydraulic cylinder.
Look! These, yeah, are the wheels and the tires.
Come on.
Back here is where the engine of the skid steer is.
Look at this.
Check this out.
We have the radiator, where you put the oil,
the diesel, the air filter.
And my favorite...
where you check the engine oil.
Do you see it? Yup, looks pretty good.
Let's put that back right there.
Let's close this.
Ok. Let me show you some more.
These are pretty important.
Look. These are the auxiliary hydraulics.
This is what the attachments get the power from.
So shiny!
Oh, look.
Wow, this right here, yeah, it's not a skid steer, no.
This is a compact track loader.
And the reason why they called it that it's because right here.
These are tracks, they're not wheel and tires.
These tracks are really good to go over mud
and dirt, and you won't get stuck.
So much fun driving the skid steer.
Ok, now I'm going to take off the bucket,
and then we are going to choose a different attachment.
Watch this.
Did you see what I just did?
See? This is where the attachments attach to.
Well, now that there's nothing here, I think we should go find one.
Look at all of them.
Well, that's the bucket obviously.
And then some pullet forks used to pick up some pallets.
And then the trencher, it dig some trenches.
Come back here.
Look at all these bristles.
This is called sweeper magee.
and it cleans a bunch of roads and driveways and streets.
And some auger bits. Look at these.
They are like giants screws.
And then a harly rake. This is used to prepare some soil.
And then over here, we just have a bunch of grapple buckets.
Ok. Now we have to pick one of our favorites.
How about... Yeah, some pallet forks.
Ok, come back here.
I'm going to hump back in.
And then we'll go grab the pallet forks. Watch.
All right. We have to get nice and straight.
Ok. Here they are.
Line it up perfect.
11.15, if you got it, you've got curl the attachment.
so, let's see if it falls off.
See? It just fell off. Good thing we just adjusted that.
Ok, now we have to try it again.
I think it's locked in, but like I said
we have to test it. So, check this out.
Yeah! It didn't fall off so we are good to go.
Now, let's go pick up the pallet.
Let's go right over here.
I think the pallet WORKS.
Ok. Straight.
Ok, we are good to go. Slowly but surely.
Let's lift it up.
Yeah, we did it!
Do you see all that?
There's a bunch of garbage next to the pawn?
I think we should clean it up and dump it out.
Ok, we have a bucket.
Put in the bucket.
I love cleaning up the environment.
Here we go.
Come over here.
Another trash bag.
And then...
nice chair.
It looks like someone fell through though.
Ok, put that in the bucket.
There's another.
That's a lot of trash we cleaned up. Good job.
And we have... These are cardboard.
What's this?
It looks like cable.
We've got to get that.
Wow, where is it go to?
This was in the swamp down there.
Look, it's a vacuum from the 1700s.
We should throw that away too.
And a couple of more.
Looks like we have another trash bag, and some INAUDIBLE litter.
Good job.
Ok, now let's go to the dumpster and dump it out.
Ok. Here we go.
All right.
Looks good right there.
Ok, here we go!
Here we go!
We just helped out the environment.
Ok, now it's time for the skid steer song.
♪ Hey now, look at here ♪
♪ I've got a brand new skid steer ♪
♪ Small engine power machine ♪
♪ And it can do most anything ♪
♪ It's a snow blower, cement mixer ♪
♪ little excavator a tiny wood chipper ♪
♪ It's a snow blower cement mixer ♪
♪ little excatator a tiny wood chipper ♪
♪ My skid steer can load a truck ♪
♪ Put some heavy things and carry some heavy stuff ♪
♪ It can dig, dig, dig down, down in the dirt like ♪
♪ like basements under homes built to- to the earth ♪
♪ It's a snow blower, cement mixer ♪
♪ little excatator a tiny wood chipper ♪
♪ It's a snow blower, cement mixer ♪
♪ little excatator a tiny wood chipper ♪
♪ It's a snow blower, cement mixer ♪
♪ little excatator a tiny wood chipper ♪
♪ It's a snow blower, cement mixer ♪
♪ little excatator a tiny wood chipper ♪
♪ INAUDIBLE that means it works everywhere ♪
♪ It rolls on four wheels and a track as well ♪
♪ That's my skid steer ♪
♪ My skid steer ♪
♪ dig, shift, dig down down in the dirt ♪
♪ dig, shift, dig down down in the dirt ♪
♪ dig, shift, dig down down in the dirt ♪
♪ dig, shift, dig down down in the dirt ♪
♪ My skid steer ♪
That was so much fun learning about skid steer today with you.
If you want to watch more of my videos you know what to do.
Yup, just search for my name.
Would you spell my name with me?
Yeah. On the count of three.
One, two, three.
Blippi. Good job.
Well, see you gain. Buh-bye.
♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪
♪ Come on, everyone let's make learning fun ♪
♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪
♪ So much to learn about ♪
♪ It will make you want to shout! Blippi! ♪
Special thanks to Sonsray Machinery
and the companies that made this video possible.
Keep on digging kids.
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Skid Steer with Blippi | Construction Trucks for Kids

2017 Folder Collection
s95 published on May 29, 2018
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