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Woah, look at this fire truck toy!
It has a gigantic ladder!
There is a real fire truck behind me.
Let's put this fire truck toy away and check out
some of the gadgets on the real fire truck.
Fireman, fireman, can you hear me? This is fireman Blippi. Ha, ha.
Hey, we're inside a real fire truck.
I've got my seatbelt on to keep me safe, I've even got my headset
so I can communicate with all the other workers.
Oh, look over this way. That's where the driver sits
and steers the fire truck with the steering wheel.
Check out the back up with me.
Yeah, look at all those seats.
That's where the rest of the fire workers sit,
and there is anywhere from 3 to 6 firemen in the fire truck
going to the fire.
Let's check out some more of the fire truck.
We're at the base of the ladder on the fire truck,
and look way up there.
Yeah, there is a real fireman. Let's get him to wave to us.
Oh-ho! He is so high up there. He is about 105 ft. up in there.
Hey, now it's about time for me to show you some of the tools
and gadgets on a fire truck. Let's go!
Wow, look this right here.
Yeah, this is a hydrant wrench, you use this to open up the fire hydrant.
And then this is the storz wrench. Wow.
You use the storz wrench on the inlets of the fire truck.
So then you can connect the hose to the fire truck
and provide the fire truck with water.
But in other to do that you need hoses.
Look up here! Wow.
That's a lot of hose.
Ok, now, let me show you some more cool gadgets of the fire truck.
Oh, wow. Watch this.
Wow! Ok, we've got a pick axe, we've got just a normal pick,
and then, yeap, you can't forget the snippers.
Ooh, watch this trick.
Wow! Look at these cool tools on the fire truck.
There is tools inside secret compartments that are inside secret compartments.
Hey, hey, come back here. I forgot to show you something.
Look at inside this little compartment.
Wow, it's a giant air tank.
The firefighters use this to breath air
because you can't breath in fire and smoke.
But in order to use this you need to wear a harness.
Let's go try a harness now.
We've just got a firecall. Let's go put on our air pack.
Alrigh, this is our air pack.
This is compressed air in this big bottle, and then this down here,
this is my mask so let me put it on.
Tightening that up.
You just buckle this in…
Kind of like a seatbelt.
Ok, and now you've got to turn on the air.
Ok, and then let's put on the mask.
Ok, now I'm breathing air from the air condenser back there.
Now it's time to go fight some fires!
See ya!
Woo, hey!
Woo, ha, ha.
Wow, wee! Wow. Ha, ha, ha.
Oh, you can't forget about the buttons.
This fire truck toy is so much fun.
Thank you for learning about fire trucks with me, Blippi.
Blippi, good job!
Now you know how to say and spell my name.
If you want to see more of my fun educational videos
be sure to click this big red button that says “Subscribe”
so you can see all of them.
Or if you want to see me play with this fire truck toy more
be sure to click in that so then you can see my brand new channel
where I play with toys.
Wow, this is going to be fun.
Parents, if your child loves my videos be sure to head over Blippi.com
because as you know now they can watch my videos for free on YouTube
but introducing they can download on, on their tablet, phone,
– or your tablet or your phone – and not use your data or your wifi
just in case if you are going on a long trip.
Who knows, alright, well, see you again.
Thanks for watching. Bye!
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Blippi Fire Trucks for Children | Fire engines for kids and Fire Truck Tour

2925 Folder Collection
s95 published on May 29, 2018
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