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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
Sometimes when you're in a classroom or a when you're with a group of people, you
find yourself needing to introduce yourself.
Well I'm pretty sure you already know how to say, “My name is….Bob the Canadian,”
so in this video I'll look at a few more things you might be needing to share about
who you are with a group of people.
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So, you have to introduce yourself.
Maybe you're in a class for the first time and the teacher wants to go around the class
and have each person introduce themselves, and say something about themselves.
So, again, I'm pretty sure you already know how to say, “My name is…” or “I am…”
and if you didn't those are the two ways to tell people what your name is.
My name is Bob the Canadian, or, I am Bob the Canadian.
But there's a few other pieces of information that people might be interested in.
So let's take a few minutes to look at each of those.
The first thing they might want to know is where you are from, or where you were born,
because they might be different things.
For instance you could say, “I was born in Canada, right now I live in a town called
You could say, “I was born, perhaps, in France, but right now I am living in the city
of Toronto.”, or, maybe you were born and live in the same city, and you could say,
“I was born and raised in the city of Toronto, and I currently still live there.”
So that's one more additional piece of information you could give people.
You could say, “Hi!
My name is Bob the Canadian.
I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and I still live there.”
Another thing you might wanna tell people, this is up to you if you wanna share it, is
how old you are.
So you could say, “I am 46 years old.”
You could tell them how old you are but not everyone wants to share their age the older
people get.
Sometimes they don't want to say exactly how old they are, so they might say something
like, “I'm in my late forties.” or “I am around forty-five years old.”
or “I am in my forties.”
So going back to the beginning I could say, “Hi!
My name is Bob the Canadian.
I'm from Hamilton, Ontario and I am in my late 40's.”
Because I don't quite wanna say exactly how old I am because I'm starting to feel
older every day.
So that's another thing, another piece of information you could share with people.
You could tell them how old you are, or about how old you are.
Another piece of information that you might want to share with people is your marital
status, and whether or not you have children.
Marital status refers to if you are married or not.
So I might also add to my description that I am married and I have five children.
Or I could extend on that and say, “I have been happily married for twenty years, and
I have five kids."
So going back to the beginning, you could say, “Hi!
I'm Bob.
I'm from Hamilton, Ontario.
I'm in my late forties, and I'm happily married and have five children.
The other thing you might wanna share with people is what you do for a job.
So you might say to them, “I am a currently a high school teacher, I am a construction
worker, I am a truck driver, or I currently work in a hotel.”
So to put it all together again, “Hi I' m Bob the Canadian.
I'm from Hamilton, Ontario.
I'm in my late forties.
I'm happily married with five children and I currently work as a high school teacher.”
So those are five things that you can use yourself to introduce yourself, it's really
good to be prepared for this.
It's really good just to get a piece of paper and write down five or six things that
you're willing to share about yourself, so that when you're in a situation you can
actually describe who you are really nicely.
The other thing it does, which is very helpful, is it prepares you in case somebody asks you
these questions.
So if someone was to say, “What's your name?”
You could say, “My name is Bob.”
If someone was to say, “Where are you from?”
You could say, “I'm from Hamilton, Ontario.”
If someone was to say, “How old are you?”
You could say, “I'm in my late forties.”
If someone was to say, “Are you married?”
You could say, “I'm married with five children.”
If someone was to say, “What do you do for a living?”
You could say, “I am a high school teacher.”
Well, Bob the Canadian here, I hope you enjoyed this short video.
Please give me a thumbs up if you liked it, subscribe below by clicking the red button
and the bell icon, and for sure share this video with someone.
Bob the Canadian here, learn English with Bob the Canadian.
I hope you have a great day!
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Learn How to Introduce Yourself in English | Video with Subtitles

8733 Folder Collection
Samuel published on November 22, 2018    Karen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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