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(lively guitar music)
I set the record for the lowest limbo of 8.5 inches in 2010.
I'm very proud of that.
My name is Shemika Campbell,
and I am a world class limbo dancer.
(steel drum music)
I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago,
which is also where limbo dance originated.
It was a dance at wakes that symbolized
entering from one life to another.
Now today, it's literally everywhere.
I got into the art of limbo at the age of 14.
My grandmother was a limbo dancer,
my mother was a limbo dancer
and it's only right that I'm a limbo dancer.
I had to carry on that legacy,
not only for my family,
but also for my culture, as well.
(bright music)
Physically, I am very flexible.
I do my daily stretches.
I can't really feel normal stretches,
so I have to like create my own,
to where I really feel the stretch in my legs.
I get a little crazy sometimes, for sure.
Ladies and gentlemen, the limbo queen, Shemika Campbell.
[Shemika] In order to make it under 8.5 inches,
I have to hold my breath in order
to contort my body to make it under the bar.
At the same time I have to think
about my arms, I have to think about my positioning.
I move side to side just to show
that I'm still suspended.
I start to move actually physically under the bar
and that's pretty much when I'm able
to let the air out.
And that's when I will get up.
It's very very very hard to do.
The pain that I feel during practicing
and pushing myself that comes with it,
that's one of the things that really drew me to limbo.
It was something that I couldn't do easily.
I love the challenge.
Me making it under this bar perfectly every time,
it means the absolute world.
I pretty much limbo any and everywhere.
I've been on “America's Got Talent” twice.
I've been on “The Ellen Degeneres show.”
I've been on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”
When I see peoples' reactions
and how appreciative they are of my ability to do this is just amazing.
Put it there, put it there.
I really do appreciate you representing the city.
I absolutely love limbo.
I love everything about it.
People think that limbo is just for fun.
For Trinidadians like myself,
it's really a big part of our culture.
I feel like that's where my job comes in,
to really show you this is more
than just a fun little activity.
[Man] Whoa.
(clapping and cheering)
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Reaching New Lows With the Queen of Limbo

1267 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on November 9, 2018    Amber Li translated    Evangeline reviewed
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