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- Could you imagine being on the bus
and somebody whips out a can of air?
- So since here at Buzzfeed we are out of ideas,
today we're trying expensive air.
- I honestly think it's the craziest thing
I have ever heard in my life.
- If this air is really expensive,
I do expect it to give me all the oxygen intake
that I need for the month and also maybe
if it gets me a little high that'd be cool.
- I'm very picky about what I breathe
so maybe I'll pay for it.
It depends on how good it is.
- Edie, you got that kinda money?
This is like drugs.
- It's so light.
- It's so light, I'm like, "There's nothing in here."
- Why?
- Instructions, open cap and enjoy.
- What?
Ah, I figured it out!
- Alright, guys, we're gonna sniff some air.
What the heck is this?
- It was literally like air.
- I don't taste anything, I don't feel anything.
- It's flip-flopping air, it's air, this is air.
This is normal air, it tastes like the same air
that we are breathing right now.
- I think these facts are about to be, like, depressing.
- According to the World Health Organization,
air pollution poses the greatest
environmental risk to human health.
And in 2016, the majority of outdoor
air pollution-related deaths occurred in Asia.
- I used to live in Korea and I remember during soccer games
we had to test the yellow dust that was outside
because if it was too much we couldn't play.
- That's really sad.
Air pollution is considered the
fourth-largest threat to human health,
following blood pressure, dietary risks, and smoking.
- I think it's even worse because smoking is by choice.
You can choose not to but air, what do you do?
Stay home?
- Yeah, and even then the air comes in from outside.
- Some scientists even believe that
air pollution causes birth defects.
- So in 2016, 2.6 million deaths were
linked to air pollution in the house,
and 4.3 million deaths were linked to outdoor air pollution.
That's six million people in one year?
Now I'm really sad and I shouldn't be wasting this air.
- I feel like there's no fixing it.
We done (beep) up.
Just don't have kids, everyone.
- I grew up in China until I was 23.
By the time I was 18, like, the air in Beijing just,
like, you can't really see each other
when you, like, walk towards people.
I feel fine so far but who know if there's
something it's done to me, you know?
- I understand why there's canned air.
Looking at these facts, pollution is
a big problem that we have.
- It sounds silly to pay for air but if you're
in an environment where you literally can't breathe
or there's something wrong with your air or air pollution,
this is a temporary fix to your problem.
- Moral of the story, treat our planet better
so we don't need canned air.
- This is a great product for people that really need it.
It should really open up conversations about air pollution
and what we can do to make and create
a better environment for all people to live
because seven million people dying a year,
that's not good so let's figure it out together.
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We Tried $32 Bottled Air

2103 Folder Collection
Samuel published on August 18, 2018    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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