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Welcome to the fab forums channel
Today I am going to show you an easy way to fabricate your own front end alignment tool
its easy
you ready?
here you go...
and two jack stands
thats how easy it is
let me show you
what your going to do is take one jack stand
and place it
right here in front of the front tire
take the other jack stand and place it...
on the other side of the car in front of the front tire
and then
take the string
you want the string to be long enough
to go around the entire car
jack stand to jack stand
on the end of your string
you just want to have a little loop right there on the end of it
basically just hook it on the jack stand
and then your going to run this
all the way back
to the rear tires
around both rear tires
back around to the other jack stand
alright as you can see I have the string going from one jack stand
all the way around the car
touching the rear tires and back over to the other jack stand
what you want to be sure of is that the string is passing through the center of the wheels
on the front and the back
and that its pulled nice and tight
and you want it to touch the front and rear section of the rear tires
hopefully you can see this
so the string comes right around the rear tire
touches the side wall
then you want to move the string
then move the jack stand at the front of the car so the string is just barely touching
the side wall on the front side of the rear tire
its barely touching
once you have that
you can now see how that string passes by the front tire
so once you get both side adjusted
make sure your steering wheel is straight
the pull your measurements
we know this line is straight off the rear tires
now you can just pull measurements from your tire to your string
2 inches on the front
1 inch and 3/4 on the back
then just go under and make your adjustments on your tie rod end
pull measurements again
keep doing that until you get the same measurement front and back
do that on both side, make sure you steering wheel is still straight
then you are aligned !
the thing that is nice about this is for you drag racers
that want to align your front end
at a certain front end travel hight
you can actually jack the car up, say two inches
to simulate the car actually going down the track
there you have it, alignment made easy
very easy tool to use
it will get you on the road after suspension changes until you can get to an alignment shop
most of the time when I go its right on the number
it works awesome
so you don't miss out on up coming videos
also check us out at www.thefabforums.com
on the forum you can check out some builds or post your own
post some comments on this video, thumbs up, or even share it
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Front End Alignment Made Easy

62 Folder Collection
許小龍 published on May 28, 2018
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