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- My name is Kelly,
and I cheated on my partner about eight years ago.
(lighthearted music)
I was about 23, 24 and had been with this person
for about three years at the time.
We hadn't been intimate in about five to six months
and a friend of mine invited me to Pride, in Atlanta.
There was an all girl party and this girl was there,
and she was hitting on me.
I let her know that night,
I have a girlfriend and she was like, "that's fine."
Like, we could be cool.
So we partied for two nights straight,
and on the second night, something came over me,
and I was just like, you know, let's take a shower together
when we get back to the hotel room, like,
just a shower, like, nothing more.
We got back to the hotel room,
uh, hopped in the shower,
and actually nothing happened while we were in the shower.
Like it was straight up like, me washing her down,
her doing the same, and like, called it a night.
So, it was late, and I was like, ya know what,
we have a big-ass king sized bed, ya know, stay the night.
I was laying in the bed, she was in like, the chaise.
And we was talkin', and then like, the sun was comin' up,
and everything was cool, and then she was like,
ya know, "I'm so far from you, can I like, come over there."
So I was like, alright, ya know,
kinda like knowin' I should say no, but also like,
I said yes, and I was just like,
oh god, what am I getting myself into?
But also, I wanna do it.
Of course I thought about my partner,
but instant gratification takes over so,
I can't even remember if it was good, it was like,
mediocre, so like, ya know, after you cheat you're like,
oh my god, this wasn't even worth it.
I felt like shit, ya know, we had been together for like,
almost three and a half years.
And then a part of me was just like, I'm human,
and ya know, this was a part of my desire,
and I,
I went for it.
I haven't done it since then, it's really not in my nature.
But I kind've been just like,
in six month relationships since then.
Like, nothing really sticks, and so,
I guess that leads me to the point of maybe,
I'm not the relationship person.
No, that I know of, my partner never found out.
And we don't communicate today, so.
I think the reason why people cheat
is it's a part of human nature.
Ya know, we're sexual beings.
Monogamy has kinda been forced upon us in society, ya know,
we feel like we have to conform
to just being with one person.
To be honest, like, I should have just left the relationship
if I wasn't happy, or,
communicated that to my partner like, in the moment.
Maybe a phone call, like hey, ya know,
there's this girl and I'm really interested in her.
Like, what's going on with us.
I mean, it wouldn't have been ideal,
but it woulda been honest
and also, ya know, I was about 23, 24 at the time.
I would have handled it much differently now.
(lighthearted music)
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Why I Cheated On My Partner

37 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 25, 2018
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