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  • Hi, I’m Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • First, let’s prepare the ingen, string bean pods.

  • Remove the stem end.

  • Cut the bean pods into 2 to 3 pieces.

  • Now, add a little salt to a pot of boiling water.

  • Drop in the bean pods

  • and simmer for 1 and a half to 2 minutes.

  • The easiest way to check if they are ready is

  • to take a little bite of one of the pods.

  • OK, Chef thinks the ingen is ready now.

  • Remove and place the bean pods onto a mesh strainer.

  • And now, let’s make the Goma-ae.

  • First, lightly re-toast the toasted sesame seeds.

  • Stir the sesame seeds over heat until they are nice and hot,

  • but be careful not to burn them.

  • Place the sesame into a suribachi mortar.

  • Then, grind the seeds until they reach the desired consistency.

  • Add the sugar

  • and soy sauce.

  • Mix to combine.

  • Then, add the dashi stock, diluting the sesame paste.

  • Now, add the boiled ingen to it.

  • Toss to coat.

  • Place the goma-ae into a bowl.

  • Maintaining the green color of the bean pods

  • is not so important for this recipe

  • so Chef didn’t soak them in ice water.

  • This way helps to retain their nutrients and crisp texture.

  • Goma-ae is a quick and easy recipe

  • so it will help you make one more side dish.

  • If string bean pods have firm stringy fibers,

  • remove them beforehand.

  • Good luck in the kitchen.

Hi, I’m Francis,

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Ingen Goma-ae (String Beans with Sesame Seasoning)

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/09/20
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