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[Narrator] Built in the short economic boom
between two world wars, the Zollverein Coal Mine
in Germany stands as a reminder of an industry's past
and an architectural future.
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The Zollverein Mine was decommissioned in 1986,
after being an active mine for over 100 years.
It was built with conscious thought
for the external appearance,
and during redevelopments and expansions in the 1920s,
adopted a Bauhaus style of architecture,
which features a modern symmetrical and industrial feel
and combines form with function.
Today it remains open to the public as an industrial museum
and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
At Zollverein, much of the former coal factory
has been left intact, allowing visitors to view
the pits, railway lines and even the miners housing.
It is truly a monument of industry
caught in a moment of history.
(bright music)
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Exploring a Coal Mine Stuck in Time

2258 Folder Collection
羅世康 published on May 26, 2018    羅世康 translated    Rong Chiang reviewed
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