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Hola, internet, bienvenidos.
Welcome to Sonia's Travels where we talk all things travel.
Today, many of you are going to say,
"Finally, Sonia, finally."
So, without further ado, here it is.
How to get through airport security quickly.
And let me tell you, if we all follow these tips
these lines would actually not matter at all.
So, share the knowledge my friends, share this video.
Number one, have your ID ready.
That means actually in your hand,
not your pocket, not your wallet.
If it's a passport, have it already open on your ID page.
Do the officer a favor.
And another thing, when you hand your documents
to your officer, take off your hat and glasses.
They need to take a look at your face.
Number two, have your laptop handy.
You are 100% going to have to take it out of your bag
and put it in its own container to be X-rayed.
So, do everyone a favor.
Don't stick your computer down the black hole
of your over-packed suitcase, no, no, no.
That's why I like carry-ons with a zipper on the front.
It makes taking my computer out and putting it back in
a total breeze.
Number three, shoes.
They must be easy to take off and put pack on.
And, if you ask me, always travel with shoes
that you wear with socks.
A, your feet won't freeze on the flight.
And B, you won't have to walk barefoot
through the metal detector, yuck.
And, guys, guys, if you must travel with a belt
or with random things in your pocket,
do not wait until the moment
when you're doing the frantic pocket dance
to figure out what's beeping.
Use your time in the line, common sense.
Number four, liquids, pack them wisely.
Each container can have a maximum of 3.4 fluid ounces
or a hundred milliliters.
This is what 3.4 fluid ounces looks like.
All of your containers must fit into one clear
quart size bag.
And this is what that looks like.
You can fill out your quart size bag
with as many containers as you want
as long a each container has less than 3.4 fluid ounces.
This is what you're gonna do.
You're gonna grab your toiletry bag
from your suitcase, you're gonna put it in the bin
with your shoes and any other loose items
and you're all set.
There are exceptions to this rule.
Things like baby formula, that can go through.
But here's the thing.
You're gonna have to declare it.
So you're gonna need to come early
because it's gonna take a little longer.
Number five, choose your line wisely.
Example, avoid the line with babies.
Chances are they carry baby formula
and they're gonna have to declare it.
Here's a trick.
If you ever see me in front of you in the line,
go to the line wherever it is that I am.
I am an expert quickness spotter.
And a safe bet is always go behind a business traveler.
Number six, TSA PRE,
it's music to my ears.
Because if your ticket is TSA pre-approved,
you get to go on a different security line.
And this line is a magical line.
One where you need not take your shoes off
or your belt or take anything out of your bag.
Every time I see TSA PRE on my ticket,
I glow.
So, how do you get it?
You can apply directly through the TSA website.
You're gonna have to physically go
to an enrollment center but, hey,
maybe you live close to one.
It doesn't hurt to check it out.
And if you are a member of a miles program
through an airline, call them.
Many of them can just enroll you directly.
Pretty cool, right?
Follow these tips and you will own TSA.
You will be a Jedi master.
You will be that empowered human being
that you deserve to be.
And, best of all, you will not get yelled at
by the TSA officers or get the dirty looks
by the people behind you.
So, yes.
My friends that's all I have for you today.
Thank yo so much for watching.
Share this video, share the knowledge,
like it, subscribe to this channel right now
and come back next Thursday for more travel tips.
Mwah, love you.
Psst, hey, don't leave yet.
Don't forget to subscribe.
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How to get Through Airport Security Quickly

2709 Folder Collection
published on May 19, 2018
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