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  • Hi. Welcome to Coca-Cola HQ here in London. Let me show you around.

  • This is our amazing reception.

  • One of the first things you notice is the huge four meter-high light installation.

  • You might have noticed our balloons. We're actually celebrating our 132nd birthday this month.

  • This is our huge heritage wall, spanning three stories,

  • featuring art and pieces throughout our history at Coke.

  • The heritage wall combines the old and the new,

  • featuring some of our first adverts for the 1940s,

  • right through to the specially new commissioned art pieces.

  • Here on our first floor is our marketing and comms teams.

  • At Coke GB we have 20 brands and over 80 drinks.

  • Tucked in the corner of the office is our secret formula fridge

  • for samples or products that have not yet been released.

  • This is one of the 21 meeting rooms here in the office, all fitted with latest technologies

  • so we can video conference some of our colleagues around the world.

  • We have loads of fridges throughout the office, all full with drinks from the portfolio

  • and they're all free.

  • Food is a huge part of our day too.

  • You have a huge variety of subsidized food options available every day,

  • from pot dishes, pastas, sandwiches, as well as some delicious fresh salads.

  • Let me show you something really cool.

  • This is our Coca-Cola freestyle machine, full of our drinks and international flavors

  • that you can use to create your own version of a drink.

  • My favorite is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cherry Vanilla.

  • We offer a range of activities in and out the office,

  • such as circuits, yoga, Pilates and stretch class.

  • We also have great changing room facilities for those who choose to cycle in

  • or work out at lunchtime.

  • Need to de-stress and relax?

  • Treat yourself to a massage in our peaceful library room.

  • On a day like today, our roof terrace is an amazing place for you to catch some rays,

  • enjoy your lunch or just working in the sunshine.

  • One of my favorite parts of the office is our living green wall,

  • specifically planted to attract the bees in London.

  • At the end of our roof terrace we have this amazing orchard,

  • filled with five different apple trees.

  • We then use the apples to make pies, crumbles and chutneys which are all used in the cafe.

  • We don't get very much sun here in London so to celebrate this,

  • we're going to be finishing off with a barbecue.

  • So thanks very much for joining us here at Coke HQ.

Hi. Welcome to Coca-Cola HQ here in London. Let me show you around.

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