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This little old lady is Button,
a 21-year-old margay.
Her name comes from the phrase “cute as a button.”
(bright music)
The margay is a tree-dwelling cat
native to the dense forests in Central and South America.
These expert climbers will hunt, sleep,
and even give birth in the trees.
The margay's wide feet and flexible toes
allow them to climb, jump, and hang from tree limbs.
Their long heavy tails keep the animal balanced,
and their large eyes make them excellent night hunters,
preying on birds, reptiles and even small primates.
Margays will hardly ever cross open treeless areas,
making them extremely sensitive to deforestation.
In addition, the illegal fur and pet trades
have made this wildcat a near-threatened species.
The best hope for the margay's continued survival
is to preserve their natural forest habitat.
This is the margay.
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These Wildcats Need the Forest to Survive

6285 Folder Collection
Samuel published on June 23, 2018    Vickey translated    Evangeline reviewed
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