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Oh, hi.
So look, uh...
Would you like maybe to come and have breakfast
with me and some of my friends?
But when I say me and my friends,
I mean Andrew Scott,
Rupert Graves,
Mark Gatiss
and Steven Moffat!
There's more.
We're gonna have breakfast together
at the world-famous Speedy's Cafe.
That is what I mean by breakfast.
And cooking will be the most wonderful, extraordinary,
really high-end London chef talent that is Una Stubbs.
I don't do cooking.
It really dries out my hands.
So the thing is, we wanna fly you
and the Doctor Watson of your choice,
and by Doctor Watson,
I mean the most incredibly annoying friend you have,
to London.
We wanna give you this great fry-up.
We wanna put you in a wonderful hotel,
none other than The Sherlock Holmes Hotel.
You will also go and visit—
with my favorite mortuary technician Louise Brealey—
221B Baker Street.
The whole thing should be rather enjoyable.
And when I say rather enjoyable,
I mean the best ****ing breakfast of our lives!
Eggs and ****.
While all of this is great,
the greatest part is that every single donation
will go towards Red Nose Day
and benefit some of the poorest children
living in America
and all over the world.
So look, if you would be so kind,
just stop what you're doing.
Yeah, everybody—you, doing the dishes,
you, taking your clothes off
and stop kissing that girl right now.
Go to omaze.com/sherlock.
Hopefully, I'll see you in London.
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Get Breakfast with Benedict Cumberbatch & the Sherlock Cast // Omaze

11131 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 18, 2018    Evangeline translated    Evangeline reviewed
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