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So what I'm gonna do first of all is show you the basic way
that I think, just makes good squash absolutely rock and roll. Take the seeds
cut these
into nice little boats, that can go into there.
A little bit of salt and pepper
I want to get a pestle and mortar and I want a little teaspoon of coriander seeds
that'll be enough
little bit of red chilli
and then I want some cinnamon, cinnamon's really good, little bit of olive oil
and once all this is smashed up
just sprinkle that, straight in an oven at about a hundred and eighty celsius for about forty five minutes
now in here I've got some duck
rub it over all over, inside and out with salt and pepper put it in the oven for
two hours and in exactly the same temperature
for the dressing squeeze in
the juice of a lime, I'm going to cut that with about
fifty percent oil, I'm going to hit that oil with a few little
drips, about a teaspoon of sesame oil and instead of seasoning it with salt
what I want to do is put
soy sauce in there and then a teaspoon of unrefined sugar
I want to grate
some chilli
you get a slightly different flavour for some peculiar reason and also it stops
all the seeds here and then on the grater again I want about half a garlic
I've got some nice spring onions here, only about four or five
slice that up, that goes in the dressing.
With this coriander,
really chunkily chop
the first half and you can push that to the side and then this lot
I'm gonna finely slice.
So, once you've chopped it off, get that into the bowl like that
stir it
get everything mix up, pick up
some of this duck
like this
put a few of the seeds in here
put a few of the squash in here
a handful of the mint
and coriander and half of that spring onion, lightly dress it with some of these beautiful
zingy fragrant asian style dressing
with the tips of your fingers just toss it up, look at that beautiful
I like to squeeze into the plate like that
few nice bits of meat
and another bit of pumpkin just to big it up because it is all about pumpkin
after all
few little bits of mint
spring onions
and that
is a really really nice
asian style
pumpkin warm salad
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Roast duck & Pumpkin - Jamie at Home

2152 Folder Collection
firetruck published on April 27, 2013
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