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You are gross.
Theo, you're supposed to try the food, not me.
Stop it.
(strolling acoustic guitar music)
[Both] Hola!
This is Theo.
Say hi.
He's my brother and I'm his sister.
(speaking foreign language)
Oh, wait, I get it. We're doing a Colombian food.
-Not Colombian food, - Mexico! - but they do speak Spanish in this country.
Today, you guys are trying food from Spain.
- (speaking foreign language) - Alright, let's do it. Close your eyes, it's time for breakfast!
- [Clara] No, no, no, don't open them. - Okay, Open
What is this?
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
(lips smacking)
Do you like it, Theo?
Theo, what meal do you think this is for?
Chicken nugget.
The chocolate is so chocolatey.
This is something we call churros con chocolate.
- This is churros? - That's right.
But it has chocolate!
Theo, we're going to Spain.
Alright. Bye, Theo!
Alright, now that we got all that sugar in you... And open
This looks different.
Oh, what's this?
It's made out of eggs.
Is it a quiche?
It's similar. This is called tortilla de patatas.
Patatas. Am I saying something funny?
Yeah, it's feet in Spanish!
- Oh. Well in Colombian Spanish, but this is Spain Spanish. - Oh
Don't like it, what's in it?
It's a potato and egg omelette.
Omelette, wow, I love omelettes.
Oh, huge potato, love potatoes.
Should we move on? Do you want to take any more bites?
I'm almost full, which is good.
I think you might recognize this next one.
When you open your eyes, please be careful because it is hot.
What the heck is this?
Oh my God.
- Is this a shrimp? -Yeah
Hate shrimp.
I love shrimp.
Oysters, clams?
- Are these clams? - Clams, and there might be mussels, but no oysters.
I'm gonna be rich when I open this.
- My tummy would be rich. - Why, you think there's a pearl inside? - Is this fish?
'Cause see a big, yummy, delicious thing I want to eat.
Mmm, mmm.
- That was my first clam I ever ate and I think it is good. - Woohoo!
This is called paella.
What, pie-a?
- Pie-ee-ya? - Paella
- Pie-ay-uh. - Yes
So sometimes paella is just sea. And other times it might be land. And then other time it's mixed.
- Like this? - Yeah, that one's mixed.
So good.
Aw man, the sausage is spicy.
Not so good.
This is shrimp-ist.
I'm wagging my tail.
No, I'm eating right now.
- Okay, friend, I'm ready to chomp my head off. -Okay, find a friend.
Alright, who's ready for the last dish?
Theo, you want to go sit with Clara, one last treat?
[Clara] I think you're gonna like this one.
Oh my gosh!
Wow, looks so,
is this all sugar?
Man, this is so good.
This tastes like roasted ice cream.
Tastes like rice pudding.
In Spain, we call this leche frita.
- Leche frita? - Any guesses to what that means?
- Mmm, fried milk. - Yep
If it was milk, it would be dripping.
That's a very good point. So they get milk, and they heat it up, and they add flour and sugar.
And then it molds into a shape, and then they deep fry it.
This is the best one.
Theo, how is it?
Night night.
Thanks for watching me try Spanish food.
My favorite was the paella. What's your favorite Spanish food? Let us know in the comments below.
Adios, amigos!
(throat gargles)
What is that?
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Kids Try Spanish Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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Evangeline published on December 14, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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