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- Do you think that you wanna get married someday?
- Hmm, good question.
- Good question.
(dramatic music)
Hey, what's up, Austin?
- Hi, hi Koji. - How are you?
Do you wanna guess what we're drawing?
- Favorite food.
- No.
We're gonna draw your future life partner.
- Like a,
- Kinda like a BFF,
kinda like somebody you would marry.
- I don't even know what she would look like.
- Well that's what we're gonna imagine today.
Should we start drawing?
OK, do you have any preferences towards looks?
You got a type of something, or?
- She will always wear a red dress. (laughs)
- A red dress,
you wanna explain what it looks like?
- It's a short-sleeve one.
It goes down on your ankles,
maybe just a long, brownish hair.
- Straight, curly?
- Just smooth. (laughs)
- Smooth, OK.
What do her eyes look like?
- [Austin] Maybe blue eyes?
- Two eyes?
- I said blue eyes.
- Two eyes?
- Yeah, but two eyes too.
- Ok, ok, ok.
I thought maybe she might have an eye patch or something.
Does she ever wear any fun hats?
- [Austin] Uh huh.
- [Koji] What kind of hat?
- [Austin] I can't explain it.
- Well, you gotta try, 'cause
I can't open up your head and take a look in there.
- It goes around your head,
and then the thing that holds it up
is a cap or something.
- That's fun.
So this is the face that you're gonna see
for the rest of your life.
No, dude, for real.
What do you mean by that?
(Austin giggles)
I want her to karaoke.
She'll have a beautiful voice.
- Does she have a name?
- (laughs) Austina.
- Austin and Austina.
What would you sing?
- A Whole New World.
- Yeah. (light music)
She seems pretty cool.
What kind of job do you think she would have?
- It would be a dentist.
- A dentist?
Oh, that's pretty cool.
- She's holding a tooth.
- And she just yanked it out of someone's mouth,
and then went to karaoke?
What are some other things you would be looking for in somebody?
- She's good at taking care of animals.
- What kinds of animals?
- Deer. - Deer?
OK, so maybe we'll draw a deer in here.
Any other animals?
- A small animal. - A bird.
- A bird?
I approve, I approve.
- Maybe we should put us together right here.
I would wear a fancy suit.
- A fancy suit, OK.
That's cool.
What kind of shoes should I put on?
- Roller skates.
- Do you like rollerskating?
- I can't really do it,
then hover board! (laughs)
- 'Cause she's got roller skates and your on a hover board?
- [Austin] Uh huh, what's your idea of your life partner?
- For me, it would be a lady,
and she would be fun and exciting.
And like to rollerskate,
and have a bird on her shoulder.
- Hey, you're,
you're talkin' like me!
I dare you to steal my idea.
- In this hypothetical situation,
when do you think you would've gotten married?
- 30. - Oh, ok.
- Is that young?
- No, it just depends,
different from different people.
Would you have wedding ceremony and everything?
- Yeah.
- Where do you think you would do that?
- Hawaii. - Hawaii?
I think that looks pretty good.
Should we show it?
Should we introduce her to the world?
- This is Austina.
- [Koji] (laughs) Austina.
- And she's singing karaoke.
She has roller skates and I have a hover board.
I can't wait to meet you.
Bye, Koji.
- Bye, see you next time.
Hey, it's me, Koji the Illustrator.
And don't forget to subscribe to HiHo.
Thanks for watching.
See ya!
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Austin Describes His Future Partner | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

236 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 11, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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