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Do you wanna hear the truth?
Mm hmm.
It's made out of pig intestines!
You don't care that you're eating intestines?
No, I'm just hungry.
(upbeat music)
Hi, I'm Crystal!
Today I'm trying food from Germany!
Hi, I'm Zander.
I'm Jacob.
Are you an adventurous eater?
No I am not.
So are you a little scared about today?
What do you know about Germany?
It's in Europe.
They've had some hard times, but they have a pretty
progressive leadership currently.
Do you know who the leader is?
Angela Merkel
Did you look that up or did you just...
No I just knew that.
Are you ready to begin?
What's "yes" in German?
This smells good, like pasta.
I love pasta!
Wait, is it pasta?
I think it's some sort of potato.
Like cheese.
It's good!
It's pasta.
- It is? - Uh huh.
It doesn't taste good.
This is so good.
It's good.
So what do you think this dish is?
German cheese pizza.
So this is actually more like German Mac n' Cheese
I'm usually not a fan of mac and cheese
but this one got me.
It's delicious.
It's actually not that bad if you swallow it.
The German name is... Käsespätzle.
Oh, käsespätzle.
Are you familiar?
I like kajasmetsul.
It says here that...Käsespätzle tastes especially good after a walk in crisp mountain air.
Do you ever take walks in crisp mountain air?
I never heard of it.
Ah, it's a sausage.
Sauerkraut, Dijon.
Is this sausage?
It is.
Is that mustard?
It is.
And what is this?
Oh you love that stuff.
- Oh, is it sauerkraut? - Yeah.
Probably shouldn't have taken this big of a bite.
Hmm. Mm Mm.
It tastes different than the sausages I eat in the morning.
Do you know how they make sausages?
I don't want to know.
It's made out of pig intestines!
Oh, that's disgusting.
Do you care about the intestines?
No. I'm just hungry.
Ah, schnitzel.
What is Schnitzel?
I think it's a breaded pork or chicken.
Probably chicken.
So this is called Schnitzel.
Schni ... Schnitzel.
There you go! Schnitzel.
Shitsnal. (laughs)
Now for the question.
Is it pork or chicken?
Yeah, it's pork.
Good thing it's not passover anymore.
And be careful it's hot. Open your eyes!
Oh my Lord, this looks amazing!
It's some sort of apple tart.
What is this?
Is it pie?
Kinda ... not really.
Mm, apple pie.
Yes! This is kind of like a German apple pie.
It's good!
Good job!
This is called ... Apfel Kuchen.
Apfel Kuchen?
Oh, Apfel Kuchen.
Do they grow a lot of apples in Germany?
I don't know.
They maybe got them exported from Seattle.
This is really good!
I want this to be taken home.
Thanks for watching me try German food!
What country should we try food from next?
Let us know.
Auf Wiedersehen!
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Kids Try German Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

137 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 11, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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