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O ho ho ho! Hmm.
I got a granddaughter who likes dressing up too. Cute as a button!
She loves Peter Pan.
She's always asking this old timer to read it to her.
She's sharp as a tack.
Full of ideas. Questions about the lost boys and those pirates.
Probably 'because...
Because they never grow old.
She says to me: "Grandpa' are you old?"
[Laughing, wheezing]
Yes sweetheart, I'm old, and one day you are going to be as old as me.
And this gets her...
...her brains all cooking. And she says "Grandpa, are you gonna die?"
And I say: "Yes, sweetheart, of course, I'm gonna die one day"
...but it's not going to be today"
And finally, she says to me:
"Grandpa' am I gonna die?"
How do you explain a question like that to a kid?
So when Halloween rolls around the next year, there she is: Proud as punch!
She stands up and she goes: "Grandpa! I'm gonna be a pirate!"
Don't you worry sweetheart,
I'll find you,
I promise.
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OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Grant Trailer

707 Folder Collection
蕭胖 published on May 11, 2018
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