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- [Narrator] Today's journey takes us to the
Dutch town of Giethoorn.
Giethoorn is just like any normal town.
With one exception, roads.
They don't have them.
(upbeat music)
- [Narrator] And boats, lots of boats.
- [Narrator] That's Jan, one of the town's resident
boat builders.
He's known for punters, a flat bottom boat
that originated in Giethoorn.
- [Narrator] And where there are boats, there are bridges.
167 to be exact.
And just like any town, people need their groceries,
their furniture, their beer, you name it.
But in Giethoorn, they must pass through Anton.
He's the town's bridge guard.
- [Narrator] One of those boats is the fire boat.
This is Bart and Erik.
He's in charge of maintaining the natural lands around Giethoorn.
- [Narrator] So, there you have it.
The residents of Giethoorn prove
that a life without asphalt, traffic
and trips to the DMV can be pretty damn great.
Roads, who needs 'em?
Bye, Giethoorn.
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No Roads, No Cars, Just Boats

6010 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on June 21, 2018    yining translated    Evangeline reviewed
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