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Hey guys! So today, I thought we would make a video show ing how we trim her cat's nails because they're pretty good..
..now even though they didn't used to be. I'm pretty sure a couple years ago
I tweeted a picture of Haku where I like burrito rolled him up into a blanket so that I could trim his nail..
..and this is how we have to trim our cat's nails!
But we don't have to do that anymore. They've gotten pretty used to it.
I think one of the things that changed was they've all grown up a little bit.
So back then, Haku is a little kitten and kittens..
..don't ever want to sit still you know. They-- Aww...
He's had enough. Okay. You could sit like this for a minute. Hey, buddy.
( Rachel laughs )
Kittens don't ever want to sit still. They don't ever want to be picked up or held. So, that's always an issue..
..with kittens. But as I've gotten older, they've gotten a little bit better and..
..me just handling them. And the second thing is..
..we've learned how to hold our cats to trim their nails easily, which is..
..basically sitting them on our lap like this. You sit them on your lap like this, and then you take clippers.
You can buy cat clippers. I just use regular nail clippers. We had cat clippers, but I like this better.
I think all that matters is that it's a clipper that cuts quickly because cats..
..are not huge fans. So if I support his paw and then I grab one of his little digits here..
..and I press gently on it, his nails will come out so that I can--- grab them.
And trim them. This is about two weeks worth of nail growth.
For him, usually I tried to trim their nails.
Usually I try to trim their nails every two ish weeks because if we don't trim their nails, then..
..THEY SCRATCH US and they destroy our stuff.
Usually I can tell they're getting along when they accidentally scratch us and it really hurts.
( Rachel laughs )
So look you could see the length of this nail. He's due, you due for nail clipping, buddy!
So you just want to get in and you want a clip, but leave a fair amount of space between..
..away from the pink part. You just don't ever want to touch the pink part because that's what hurts..
..them. So if you get close to that then they might hate it, and then they'll be really really over to ever getting their nails..
Thank you, buddy. He's giving me bath!
Cats on their front paws also have their little thumb way back here, so don't forget about their little thumb~
Give me a minute boi!
He's been so good!
You're being such a good boy!
And honestly, we just don't have any issues anymore.
I've tried giving them treats in the past.
I only did it like once or twice when I was trying to get them used to this way of nail clipping and..
..don't even have to give them treats anymore. They just..
..mostly - They just understand this is a thing they have to go through.
(Rachel laughs)
Good job!
Good job, buddy!
You did such a good job!
Jun: Until we started filming, We held Poki for a while, so he was little bit impatient, but he normally is better than this.
Rachel: Aw, he's doing good too! Come on little baby~
I think I trimmed his nails more recently. So, it just might not be that long. Look at this tail. You make it so difficult, baby!
Yeah. His nails, I turned a little more recently. But I can trim them...
Yeah! Hi sweetie!
Jun : His fur is too long. I can see his nail - I can't.
Yes He's too fluffy. Too much hair! Rachel : You're gonna rest your head on my hand. Oh, now he's doing it.
Nagi's just a little sweetheart, and he rests his head on my arm while I do this.
Did I take this paw yet?
You're just such a sweet little ball of fur.
Nagi~~ You're so precious!
I know. I know you don't... I know. Hang on
Almost done~~
Now I just got do you little pinkies!
Good job!
Good job, baby!
And now it's Haku's turn. I've also found it's easier to trim their nails if they're sleepy because you could trick them..
( Rachel laughs )
..they don't know what's going on yet!
You're so heavy!
Waaaaahh! (Jun laughs)
Hi big boy! You big buddy!
His nails aren't quite as long yet either.
(Haku : Pls let go of me)
(Jun laughs)
I know you don't like it...
You're such a good boy, Haku! You've been such a good boy!
Aren't they so good?
Haku seems sleepy (Jun laughs)
Good job!
Good job, buddy!
Good job!
Now he doesn't care. Now he's just sleepy.
You go back to sleep, baby
Yeah, you did a good job. See? So, they all be pretty good.
Jun : How are you feeling, buddy?
Rachel: His fur is just... oh, oh my god look at this.... everywhere now...
I just brushed you. I've spent all morning brushing you. I brushed you so much! What is going on?!
Jun : It just keeps happening, until he's done shedding... which doesn't happen.
Rachel: You don't wanna move? Are you good? Just like this?
Jun : ( Calling Nagi ) Nagi!
Rachel : So, this is how we trim our cat's nails!
I think it's a pretty good method. You can also give them treats every time you clip a nail.
Just make sure you don't clip anywhere close to the pink part because that's what..
..huts them, and then they really hate it after that.
Jun : I think they're doing great now.
You guys are doing so good, buddy!
Jun : It used to be like crazy... about it. They hated us so bad.
Rachel : Well, they were little kitties too. They're crazy about everything.
(Jun laughs)
Wasn't you guys?
If you guys have any other tips for trimming nails,
That you would like to share in the comments. Just in case this DOESN'T work for some people.
Please do that!
Please share your cat nail trimming tips!
with all of us!
Yeah buddy!
Jun : Wow, we have so many cats in this video!
Rachel : Nagi!
You're so cute!
Look at you!
Look at you little baby! Awww
Look at you!
You wanna play with toys?!
Okay, we're going to play with Nagi and we'll see you guys later! Thank you for watching!
Rachel & Jun : Bye!
Rachel: He's so cute
Jun: They're all looking at the toy now.
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How we trim our cats' nails

1438 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on December 17, 2018    Jen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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