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Guys, I need to admit something.
I'm in my 40s. I'm married. I have two kids.
But nothing, and I mean nothing,
makes me feel older than when I realize
I do not know the new slang terms that teenagers are using.
And these days, it seems like teen slang terms
are evolving so fast that it is impossible to keep up.
So we decided to help you
by giving you a little primer on new teen slang terms
in a segment we call "Seth Explains Teen Slang."
Our first new teen slang term is "Robert Mueller."
Let's see the definition.
Here it is in a sentence.
Next one.
Our next new teen slang term is "wait-listed."
Here it is in a sentence.
[ Audience groans ]
Moving on, we have "Españ-YOLO." Let's see the definition.
For example...
Moving on, it's "the avengers."
For example...
Next up, we have "English lit."
For example...
Moving on, we have "massquatch."
Massquatch. Here's the definition of "massquatch."
Here it is -- Very helpful,
because you didn't used to have a slang term for that.
Here it is in a sentence.
And I actually believe -- This is very exciting.
Very exciting and very rare.
I believe we have a photo of the massquatch. Let's take a look.
[ Laughter ]
Next up, it's "North Korea."
For example...
Next up, we have "Giuliani."
This is a terrible wing man.
For example...
Up next, it's...
[ Applause ]
It's "AllerG-Unit."
Here it is in a sentence.
This one is really taking off with the teens.
I would find it hard to believe
if you have a teenager, you have not heard them hear --
You have not -- [ Laughs ]
Guys, it's "Koppelganger."
Let's see the definition.
For example...
And finally, we have "high-ku."
This is the haiku you write when you're English lit.
For example...
That was "Seth Explains Teen Slang."
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Seth Explains Teen Slang: Robert Mueller, Giuliani

31 Folder Collection
Samuel published on May 10, 2018
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