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  • Hey guys!

  • So I went to a dollar store and got a knife

  • and I'm going to sharpen this knife as sharp as I can and have fun with it.

  • Let's do this.

  • Mind if I join you?

  • Ok

  • Thanks

  • Hey guys!

  • So I got a lot of requests to make a video about knives

  • and, like, asked me for my recommendations and stuff.

  • But what I can recommend you is going to depend on

  • your budget, what shapes you want your knives to be,

  • which steel you want your knives to be made of,

  • brand, design, there's just so many things that you need to think about

  • before getting one.

  • But one thing I can say for sure

  • is that, no matter how much you're going to spend on your knives,

  • they eventually get dull,

  • and you need to sharpen them.

  • And I believe the best way to sharpen your knives

  • is using a sharpening stone.

  • If you just Google it,

  • then you can find so many videos done by professionals

  • and I highly recommend you watch those.

  • And I'm going to put some links in the description too,

  • so if you're interested in it you can watch those videos.

  • And my favourite is done by Bob Kramer.

  • He's the best.

  • So for those of you thinking of getting a knife in the future,

  • why don't you get a sharpening stone

  • and sharpen the knives you already have

  • and practice sharpening if you haven't done it before?

  • He's not interested.

Hey guys!

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Sharpening a $1 knife

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    吳堯勛 posted on 2018/05/08
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