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  • Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin.

  • Which of these orange circles do you think is bigger?

  • Well, neither is, they're actually the same size.

  • Now, stare at the dot inside this circle...

  • Keep staring and the circle seems to disappear!

  • But it doesn't really...

  • Why do our brains lie to us?

  • We'll sometimes It just takes shortcuts.

  • Lets take this first image for example.

  • The Ebbinghaus illusion.

  • Even though the right orange circle may look bigger, it's not.

  • See?

  • Rather than taking time and energy to think critically, your brain makes assumptions.

  • It sees that the right circle looks bigger in context with all the other smaller circles, and believes it's larger than the other orange circle.

  • But when you look harder, you realize they're the same.

  • Now have a look at this.

  • This is known as the Snake Illusion.

  • It might look like it's moving but I promise it's not.

  • Scientists have found that tiny eye movements called saccades occur when you look at this image.

  • Your brain mistakes these eye movements for motion in the image, activating the part of your brain that processes movement.

  • Ok, I'm really dizzy now.

  • Let's move on.

  • Okay next up, I want you to stare at the bird on the screen.

  • Just the bird.

  • Keep staring.

  • Now look at the cage.

  • Did a red bird appear inside the cage?

  • That happens because some of the color-sensitive receptors in your retina adapt to the color green after focusing on it for so long.

  • When you look at the white cage, your eye is still adapted to green.

  • But since it isn't there, your eye gives you the same shape in the complementary color––

  • red!

  • Okay I'm gonna let this bird go because my dog is trying to kill it.

  • Our brains don't just trick us with optical illusions like these.

  • When you were a kid you might have played the gameBloody Mary”?

  • It's when you stare at yourself in the mirror in a dark room and call out, “Bloody Mary!” three times

  • Some people see horrible things in the mirror!

  • Well, what's happening is something called the Troxler Effect.

  • Your brain focuses on the thing it deems most relevant - whatever facial feature you're staring intently at.

  • Other parts of your face can become distorted or even replaced with more body parts.

  • Some features can disappear all together!

  • How do i look now?

  • Am I ready for my close up?

  • This Troxler Effect is also why that blue circle you saw earlier disappeared when you stared at the red dot!

  • But what about magic tricks?

  • Have a look at Zig Zag girl.

  • You might think that there's no way a person could contort themselves into a shape like that.

  • What about now?

  • It's a lot more realistic.

  • When the boxes are painted, our brains don't see the person inside as one continuous object so it gets confused.

  • This is Gestalt's principle of continuity in action.

  • Designs with lines that suddenly change direction are a lot harder to comprehend and magicians use that to their advantage.

  • While all these brain and visual malfunctions are normal, some conditions can trick your brain even more.

  • And psychiatric illnesses can result in auditory hallucinations, hearing voices or things that aren't there.

  • There's still so much we don't know about the brain but studying its response to optical illusions could help scientists learn so much more about how it really functions.

  • Do you have a favorite optical illusion?

  • Has there ever been a time where your brain has lied to you?

  • Let us know in the comment section below!

  • And If you enjoyed this video, you're definitely gonna wanna check out the video we did on how you can control your dreams.

  • You may have heard of lucid dreaming.

  • General lucid dreaming is when you know you're dreaming while it's happening.

  • Some lucid dreamers even say they can control their dreams.

  • My name is Blocko!

  • This has been Life Noggin!

  • Don't forget to Keep On Thinking!

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin.

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Are You Tricked By These Optical Illusions?

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