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You know what's crazy, you can't have pitbulls in England.
They're considered "dangerous dogs" which is just nonsense.
Look at this thing.
How could you say that this is dangerous?
(upbeat music)
No, I probably would--
Oh, I know. What was the question again?
Probably just play with puppies all day, like I'm doing right now.
How often do you get to hang out with your Spider-Man: Homecoming costars Jacob and Harrison?
And do you three have a group chat?
We definitely do have a group chat.
It's called The Holy Trinity.
Jacob and I met at Jacob's audition obviously.
And, ah...
Puppies have the best smell.
There's just that puppy smell there's nothing like it.
We instantly became really good friends.
And then when I introduced him to my best friend, Harrison
It was apparent that we were gonna be really good friends.
And that sort of sparked this online thing called The Holy Trinity.
Sorry that was a terrible answer.
I can't think right now.
I'm too distracted by the cuteness of this little puppy right here.
"If you had to be handcuffed to one Infinity War castmate for 48 hours, who would you choose and why?"
Chris Pratt.
Because I get tired and he's so big.
He could carry me around.
"If you were stuck on a deserted island with only three movies to watch, what would they be?"
Sorry again, I forgot the question.
I'm just too into these puppies right now.
Could we have some more puppies in here?
I think we should bring all the other puppies in.
And we should definitely rip up the paper.
Three movies: Primal Fear.
I think, My Cousin Vinny.
and Spiderman Homecoming.
So I can reminisce all the good times.
"If you could be cast in any live action adaptation of a Disney animated film, which one would you choose and which character would you want to play?"
I would choose Atlantis.
And what's the character's name?
It's like -- whoa!
It's not the doctor dude the uh--
You are a little nippy one.
Yeah I'd probably play him, the explorer.
"What's the best advice you've received from any of the amazing actors that you've worked with so far in your career?"
Well, I guess you don't really need to ask for advice from these guys cause you can just watch them work and see how the best in the business do it.
(Tom imitates puppy)
"If you weren't an actor, what type of career do you think you'd be pursuing?"
I would probably be a stunt man.
But I would never have known about the stuntman world if I hadn't been an actor first.
Or a carpenter maybe.
All my family are carpenters.
Or maybe a puppy wrangler.
I seem like I'm pretty good at this.
"What's something Americans do that you think is extremely weird?"
Twinkies are pretty weird.
I tried my first Twinkie the other day and it was disgusting and I'll never eat one again.
And I actually got a lot of hate online for not enjoying a Twinkie.
I was like, guys, that's a bit mean.
"Can you help pick a senior quote for my yearbook?"
I think "with great power comes great responsibility"
is the best quote I can give you.
Hey guys, so this lovely interview today.
The puppies have been brought to us by Angel City Pitbulls.
And you can pick up one of these incredibly cute and really naughty pitbull puppies.
Thank you so much.
I don't wanna go, guys.
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Tom Holland Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

9594 Folder Collection
Samuel published on March 24, 2019    Kate Chang translated    Carol Chen reviewed
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