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Hello my darlings
it's Lucy from English with Lucy
I never know quite what to do in the introduction
So I thought a slide in
Might be quite...erm... I dunno
So everyone really seemed to like my last video
5 Common British Expressions
So here is part 2: here are 5 more common British expressions
That us British people, we use on a daily basis
Very important news: I now have an instagram which is @learnenglishwithlucy
along with my Facebook and my Youtube
all the information will be right here
And for my Chinese followers
I know you're watching me
over in... China
So I've created a Weibo (I think it's pronounced like that)
Weebo Weybo? Not sure
Feel free to laugh at me
But I've created an account so that I can communicate with you too
So our first common British expression is
bits and bobs
and this means various or miscellaneous things
so, if someone asks you
What did you get for Christmas?
And you just really got a mixture
You can say
Oh, just bits and bobs really.
Nothing huge, just general random things
So the next one is gobsmacked
And this means amazed or surprised or shocked
it's kind of a mixture of all of them
So, can you believe she left him?
or can you believe he did that?
Say: I'm absolutely gobsmacked!
It can be both positive and negative
So, number three is to lose the plot
And this means to go mad or to go crazy
Mad is another word for crazy
So, I can't believe you spent £300 on a pair of socks
You've completely lost the plot
This can be used negatively and also affectionately
I'd often say to my mum if she spends too much money
that she's completely lost the plot
I love you mum!
Now we have number four which is
to take the mickey
we sometimes shorten mickey to mick
to take the mick
and also a more vulgar version is to take the piss
But I would only use that in a colloquial situation with my friends
Not at work or with people I need to respect
Not that I don't respect my friends
you know what I mean
Not around authority
So an example would be
What? Free English lessons with a native English teacher?
Are you taking the mick?
The answer would of course be
No it's true...just search 'English with Lucy'
Ok and last but not least we have to pass with flying colours
and this means to be very successful
in a test or selection process
Like a job interview
an example of this would be...
Lucy passed her university exams with flying colours
yayy! this is true!
And thank you to all my subscribers that were so patient
whilst I was doing my university exams
because I didn't upload any videos for quite a long time
but I'm back now so you can enjoy many more lessons in the future
Now before we fssthhbhbttbhbthbthbth
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5 Common British English Expressions (Episode 2)

2434 Folder Collection
許大善 published on May 6, 2018
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