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  • Dear God, what's happening to me?

  • There's...

  • I feel like there's nothing left of me.

  • What in the world is going on?

  • This has absolutely nothing to do

  • with what I am like, with anything

  • at all that's important about me.

  • Don't they know that everything

  • in this book is just as true

  • of of of of my neighbor Gene

  • as it is of me?

  • Heh.

  • My neighbor Gene

  • who makes jokes

  • about starving children in Asia.

  • My neighbor Gene

  • who boasts

  • about fucking colleagues in the office

  • on the board room table.

  • Don't they know that?

  • One of the guards holds my arms

  • behind my back, the other one starts

  • hitting me in the face with his fists.

  • He hits me in the face several times,

  • then in the chest, then in the stomach

  • No one in my life has ever

  • hit me before.

  • I'm thinking about the damage

  • each blow might do, and a little bit

  • of blood is coming out of my mouth.

  • And there's another guard,

  • a woman whose face is like

  • a cake that's been soaked in rage.

  • She's standing to the side

  • and my cries are echoing in the cell

  • "No!"

  • "Nooo!"

  • And then she comes up to me

  • and she spits in my face.

  • And I'm screaming out at her

  • "For God's sake, what have I done

  • to make you feel like this?

  • What in the world

  • have I done to you?"

Dear God, what's happening to me?

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Toy Story's Rex Performs Wallace Shawn's The Fever

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