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  • I'm in Tokyo, Japan, staying in somewhat unconventional quarters.

  • It's a posh pod hotel.

  • Welcome to my pod.

  • The concept is increasing in and around Japan, and even around the globe.

  • Each pod here comes fully equipped with a T.V.,

  • radio, electrical outlets, and even pajamas.

  • There's a lounge and bar area, where you can get work done

  • or enjoy a drink before bed.

  • Backpackers love this concept because they can meet other

  • travelers without breaking the bank,

  • but just because you're giving up modern conveniences,

  • like your own room with privacy, doesn't mean it's exactly cheap, either.

  • This place can cost up to $70 a night for just a single pod.

  • Yet in the luxurious neighborhood of Ginza, a hotel across the street

  • can easily cost you over $300.

  • Sleeping in tight quarters was actually, surprisingly comfortable.

  • I fell into a deep sleep. Maybe it was not having any windows and a bit of jet lag, too.

  • Although if you're a light sleeper, sounds might be an issue here.

  • *Snores*

  • In typical Japanese fashion, technology is embedded throughout your experience.

  • The bathrooms have more buttons than some TV remotes

  • and when I go to iron my shirt, I noticed this iron is completely cordless.

  • Uh, why aren't cordless irons everywhere?

  • Contrary to what you might think, this pod hotel trend wasn't

  • started by the millennial traveler looking to give a facelift to hostels.

  • It actually dates back to when Japanese workers, particularly men

  • had to work very late at night or went out drinking after work

  • and missed the last train home.

  • Taxis are really pricey in Japan. Tokyo's the third most expensive city

  • for cabs in the world, so it makes more sense to simply crash in a pod.

  • Fast-forward to today where pod hotel guests here are a combination of

  • tourists looking for a unique, relatively inexpensive experience

  • and locals resting after a long day of work.

I'm in Tokyo, Japan, staying in somewhat unconventional quarters.

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