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  • Konnichiwa!

  • Welcome to Tokyo, Japan. I'm Scott Sato, President of Pasona Inc,

  • one of the largest human resources companies in Japan.

  • Let's take a look inside.

  • So this area here, is open to the public, and it's a free space to use anyway you want.

  • All the furniture here is from Bali, Indonesia, so it's a little bit unique

  • and we look forward to seeing other people here.

  • This is one of our sales offices. Take a look inside.

  • So it's open space.

  • The head of sales sits in the middle, and everybody else sits around.

  • It's all open and free.

  • So this is another one of our floors.

  • Everybody gets to pick their own design. They picked the beach bar as their design.

  • And they actually have real sand.

  • We also have a cafeteria for our employees. We have about 4,000 employees here.

  • We can take about 500 employees for each seating.

  • Lunches are $5 and you can eat anything you want, and salad is free.

  • And then at night, dinners are all free, paid by the company.

  • So here's our gym. We have it set up so that employees can come in here anytime

  • for an hour, 10 minutes. There's special programs set up so that

  • they can just go in their clothes and their suits and they don't have to break a sweat.

  • But they get some exercise during the day.

  • I actually have a 4:30 appointment myself.

  • Konnichiwa!

  • Konnichiwa!

  • 70% of our employees are women.

  • And we're one of the first companies in Japan to have an in-house nursery.

  • This nursery allows women to get to work as soon as the kids are old enough to come in.

  • We think it's very important for women to have a balance between work and home.

  • This allows them to bring their kids to work and to have time with the kids, whenever they want.

  • First we're gonna take a look at our nail and massage area.

  • One of the most important things for us is to make sure that the employees are happy

  • and they can relax whenever they want to.

  • This is a great place for women to come in, take an hour,

  • to get their nails done and get a massage and to really feel at home.

  • We're going to go up to the farm now, we have a farm inside the building

  • which is one of only two licenses in Tokyo.

  • We have two cows, six pigs, and 10 or 13 goats.

  • They all live in Tokyo on the 13th floor.

  • We have these full-time professional staff, right from college.

  • They work here on a full-time basis taking care of these animals.

  • But we have in-house veterinarians that take care of the animals on a weekly basis.

  • So they're probably taken care of better than we are.

  • You can take these and then...

  • It's a huge benefit for employees to come up here and take a break,

  • see some animals, watch them eat.

  • Especially if you come in at four o'clock in the afternoon,

  • they're crying for food and it's quite interesting to watch.

  • In Tokyo, having animals is not too common.

  • There's only two licenses that were provided in Tokyo,

  • one is for the emperor in the palace,

  • and then the other one is for us, and so those are the only two licenses in Tokyo.

  • Thanks for coming to the Pasona office today,

  • I gotta get back to the gym, my trainer is waiting for me, it's 4:30.

  • Bye bye!


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Unbelievable Office! Pasona Group's Tokyo Office | Office Envy

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