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Hi, guys! It's Em.
Please excuse the general tiredness happening up here
because I've just got back from America.
So I may or may or may not have brought a new baby home with me....
Tada! Just kidding. [giggles]
So yesterday, I went into my local pet shop,
and I went to go and buy myself some supplies
because with all my animals to feed at home, I always need supplies.
I need frozen mice for my snakes, I need new seed mix for my hamster,
my two geckos, my tenrecs, my possum, my foster ferret, and my cockroach.
I have a lot of animals at home. Okay. Let's just get that clear.
I love my local pet shop because they do really, really good work.
Unfortunately for me, they have a rescue section.
I've got a bit of a thing where I don't like to buy animals if I can rescue or adopt.
I far prefer to do that, and it's kind of my kryptonite.
I go into the shop, I walk past all the animals that are for sale,
I go straight to have a look at what might be available for adoption.
And usually I just wanna look at them and my friends in the shop will let me play with them
and cuddle them and love them and ponder them and where I could fit them at home.
I just want to shout out all the animal girls out there. The struggle is real.
You know the struggle. Hit that like button if you know the struggle.
And yesterday I walked straight to the feed section,
which happened to be the reptile section,
and I went to go pick up my locusts for my animals at home.
And then I made the biggest mistake ever.
I glanced to my left.
That's my right. I glanced to my right. [giggles]
And in the corner of this little vivarium,
I see the cutest little crested gecko.
Just squished, peeking behind a leaf at the glass at me.
And anybody who doesn't know what a crested gecko looks like they are just the cutest geckos ever.
He was so tiny. I work with crested geckos which are, you know,
full adult size, sort of like, you know, 9-10 inches long.
This one is like this big and he's peeking at me.
And there was a post-it note on it which said "For adoption." I was like...
Oh my God. So I had to ask my friends in the shop.
I said, "What is the deal with this crested gecko?" And they said that he got dumped.
Yeah, she was sold a couple of weeks ago,
and then got returned because they changed their mind.
So she's up for adoption.
I was just like... [heavy breathing]
Insert heavy breathing!
They said, "Em, do you wanna...
hold him?"
Yeah, I do! [laughing]
I had him in my hands, and he was just ,you know, super quick because he's not used to being handled,
but he's just the most gorgeous thing and I turn around after a little bit of time,
and my friend who works in the pet store there.
He's standing there with a tub and he's like, "I knew you were gonna take it home."
And I was like, "Yeah I am!"
So I wanna introduce you guys to my new gecko Hold on. Wait. Do not move.
So this little guy is my new Gecko. He doesn't have a name yet,
so if you have a name suggestion, please pop it down below.
I would really appreciate a couple of suggestions.
I think he's a boy. He's really good.
I can tell that he's been handled a little bit.
Because you know he's not flighting, and typically you get baby geckos
and they're leaping off into the abyss at every chance they get.
They will literally be what like this and just leap off into nowhere. and just, splat, on the ground.
So if you have a little crested gecko, do be careful not to hold them too high up
because they do have a tendency to leap.
Oh, hello. Are you handsome?
I think you're very handsome.
Oh, okay, let's let's walk on Emma's nose. This is a very fun game.
I have a gecko on my nose.
Okay, this this is a good look right here.
I need this tattooed on immediately.
Oh my God.
Gecko eyebrows. They're gonna be the new thing on Instagram.
Oh, where are you going? Come back!
Ah! Oh my God, you're adorable.
Oh, he's getting ready to jump.
Here, jump here.
You gonna jump? I'm launching in 3, 2 — oh.
That's okay. That happens to the best of them.
Crested geckos are really commonly kept as pets.
They're quite easy to keep.
It's not to say you should rush out and buy one, you should give it serious consideration
and I've kept these guys extensively. I always know my limits,
I never bring home more than what I can afford to look after, both in time as well as financially.
So it is a responsibility. I just want to throw that out there.
Please don't feel that it's okay just to rush out and buy something because it's cute.
Because it's not fair. Ultimately, it's a life that you're responsible for.
Everything that happens to him from now on is my responsibility.
Equally, any animal you bring home is your responsibility.
No, they can't tell you when they're in pain,
or what they need, so you have to be able to provide them with as much care as possible.
Everyone thinks that crested geckos have like suckers on their legs.
He's actually got microscopic little hairs that help him to climb up vertical surfaces and hold on.
So that's a fun fact for you.
if his progress continues and I think it will,
because he's just such a lovely, laid-back gecko, then he'll be coming with me
on shows to meet children in schools to teach them all about
exotic pet care and about the environment, and yeah just to be loved by people of all ages!
We're going back on my face. That's okay because you can.
Oh, maybe not the mouth. Do not repeat at home.
Yes, you could just.... ah! Bleugh. Not recommended.
And that is Emma's perfect example on how to catch salmonella.
So I will let you guys know what name I choose and thank you in advance for your suggestions.
I do think he's a boy but I could be mistaken.
It could be a girl, but the paws are looking quite large
so I would say it's a male offhand.
But you know, that can change! Still, I would be quite happy for him to be a little boy.
Typically people always want pretty geckos to turn up being female
because females can lay eggs and make you money.
But he's not gonna be a breeder under any circumstances.
Oh, I'm being rude! So a little bit of exciting news that I wanted to tell you guys is that
I'm going to start featuring some of my workplace animals in my videos.
For anyone who doesn't know, I basically work in animal education, animal encounters.
So taking animals into schools, giving talks... It is very exciting,
I'm gonna start featuring some of my workplace animals in my videos,
so let me know what you'd like to see!
If you follow me on my social media,
you will know that I work with a lot of different animals.
Animals like fruit bats, armadillos, meerkats, birds of prey.
Let me know what you would like to see a video of, and in particular.
if there's a particular kind of video you'd like,
like the reproduction of the animals or how to handle them
or just like general showing them off. Just let me know.
I'm gonna pop this guy back now. Because you are a superstar for your first time out.
Yes, you were. I'm so happy with him,
he is so cute!
He's got this really lovely little fat belly and, you know, he's just in great condition.
So although he is a rescue, you know, he wasn't neglected or anything, I don't think.
He seems in great condition, and he still got his tail!
These guys can lose their tail, so if you're handling a crested gecko,
do be careful not to pinch them or to stress them out too much
because they will drop their tail, and they won't grow it back.
If they do drop their tail,
you know, it's not the end of the world. Some people actually prefer it
and call crested geckos who don't have their tails "frog butts."
In fact, my boyfriend, Danny, and I,
just two weeks ago in America,
Adopted a frog butt crested gecko with a bulgy eye.
I have to show you him, he's the funniest thing. His name's Ziggy, as in Ziggy Stardust.
This is Ziggy, and one of his eyes is a bit special.
We think it's because of head trauma but we don't know for sure. He's an adoption.
But yeah, this is my little dude. Let me know what your thoughts are and what his name could be.
And for my current subscribers, thank you so much for subscribing to my channel.
It means amazing things to me to see my subscriber count go up every single day.
My whole...
The whole reason for my channel. This is kind of just like a creative outlet for me,
I like to talk, I like to talk about animals.
So I have actually hidden my subscriber count because it's not about the numbers for me.
But I just wanted to say thank you to each and every person who does watch my video. It means a lot.
And if you think that anyone would enjoy this video, please share it.
If you liked it, hit the like button.
And if you didn't like it, then you can put the down button.
But why would you do that?
Thanks so much for watching guys, and I will see you in another video again,
I hope very shortly. See you later. Bye!
Psst! Don't forget to subscribe!
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402 Folder Collection
B.Y.l published on May 2, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Kate Chang reviewed
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