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A surprise party? Where's the cake
or is this a different kind of party?
(Tracer hides naughty toys)
Silence, Sombra! I designed those
restraints, and you're not leaving until I say so!
Now admit what you did!
I've done a lot of bad things today and it's not even lunchtime yet.
So you're gonna have to be more specific.
You're the one who leaked all our embarrassing secrets!
The OmniLeaks!
The Omni.. Leaks...?
The OmniLeaks!
You keep saying it like I know what that is.
The OmniLeaks.
Like how everyone knows Mercy only helped Genji
because she has a huge crush on him?
I... wha... Hey!!
That's why she gave him a killer butt!
My butt.. is a killer?
(That ass)
What did you do?!
Shut up, Lúcio. You're the one who's been recording people
for his music without their permission!
Psshh!! No I don't!
(Genji's mixtape)
(Genji used cut)
Can I go now?
Not until you confess!
you have an embarrassing secret too?
Of course not!
Reaper's afraid of air-conditioning!
No, I'm not!
Yeah, he is! He's scared if he turns into mist
he'll get sucked away like some kind of angry genie!
No. Wait. I can do better.
Like a gho-o-o-ost!
In one of those GhostBuster traps and--
Lemme try again.
Like a fart in a vacuum cleaner!
Eh, forget it.
Well, Tracer apparently abuses her chronal accelerator to get out of arguments with her girlfriend!
Hey, look! An air-conditioner!
Perhaps if I commit seppuku to my butt
I can restore honor.
Genji is extra thicc
Tracer! You shouldn't be using your
abilities so selfishly!
Oh yeah? Well, you're the one growing secret, illegal,
genetically modified bananas.
It's uh...
a science experiment!
Sounds like lunch.
You're not gonna...
eat us... are you Papa?
No no no! Just get back in the sandwich
with the rest.
Okay. I love you, Papa!
How the hell did the tattoo get there
Well, this was a waste of time.
At least I don't waste all my time going to Disneyland
with my Disney Passport!
Easter eggs: Goat from Gravity Falls, Gremlin Dva, Zarya is Snow white, Micky, Heavy stealing that guys sandvich in a bear costume
So what? I am just big fan!
Oh, look out Reaper! It's a big fan!
You scared of those too?
Zarya's boobs are horns
This is why I like sombra
I wish this was all my fault! Because this is so funny!
Forget this... let her go.
Fine... Winston? What's the password for this thing?
Oh, it's "Password."
Winston is not a scientist because of this
Pass. Word.
The same I use on every electronic device and computer I own!
So anyone could have just logged onto your computer and leaked our secrets?
Well, not without the password.
I'm gonna kill him.
Reaper actually has a chance because of his new buff
Sombra has trapped us in the room!
Oh no! We're trapped! WITH MY KILLER BUTT!!
Somebody open the door!
It's locked!
Have you tried "Password?"
Can I kill him now?! I'd REALLY like to kill him!!
Reaper is dead , he'll be fine
Everyone screams like a bitch
The tattoo changed and how does a butt scream
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OVERWATCH: Omnileaks

476 Folder Collection
顏 寬 published on May 2, 2018
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