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  • The live stream's the authentic connection, the real-time connection.

  • You get to do yoga with me.

  • It's our yoga experience.

  • Straighten out your right leg.

  • I'm Sarah-Beth, from SarahBethYoga.

  • I am a mum, a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur and a YouTube yoga creator.

  • Live yoga.

  • The idea of going live scared me more than anything else.

  • Just the idea that I won't be edited.

  • The technical side of it was something that I knew I would be able to figure out

  • if I wanted to, but I didn't want to.

  • I had self-doubt, I wanted to back out.

  • To the point where, at the first live session I did

  • my hands were actually numb by the time I turned the camera on.

  • So if you want to take this further, you can lift up to your toes.

  • You can even bring your shins parallel.

  • And I think that the best learning lesson in all of this

  • was that I did three lives in a row: one each Saturday.

  • And after the first live, I already felt more comfortable.

  • I thought: "That wasn't so bad, my audience responded very warmly."

  • By the second, I was only a little bit nervous.

  • And then after the third, I felt: "I got this."

  • And I was actually considering, "how can I do this more?"

  • Hi guys, welcome to the yoga for flexibility routine.

  • A produced video cost me about 10-15 hours for one video.

  • If you want to add a challenge, lift up onto the ball mounts of your feet.

  • The live videos take maybe an hour and a half

  • an hour and forty-five minutes.

  • And that's really the hour ahead of the live: setting up, doing hair and makeup

  • and taking my little promotional selfie

  • that I'll use to promote the live and get people onto the stream.

  • You know what, I'll turn so I can face you guys.

  • Twist to the right.

  • And then the live will take probably half an hour.

  • Even though I'm thinking "fifteen minutes," it just goes.

  • And then when it's done, it's done.

  • I just have to add a thumbnail, clip off the front and the back

  • and it's done.

  • We're going to share with email.

  • The live yoga videos have almost doubled the amount of content that I'm uploading.

  • Especially when I did the three in a row

  • because I was still maintaining my regular Friday upload.

  • So my audience still knew what to expect, but now we've got another video coming in.

  • And it was so much easier to produce, so it really wasn't a big deal for me.

  • But in the end, looking at my analytics

  • I'm seeing that "oh, I uploaded eight videos that month instead of four."

  • And this can really help my channel grow.

  • Some of the biggest tips I learned about going live?

  • One of them was that, with the equipment, you don't need that much.

  • I do the entire thing from my phone.

  • Make sure you're hinging from your hips.

  • So if you need to modify, you can come up even higher.

  • And for other live instructors or creators

  • it's really about finding the audio that works for you.

  • For me, that was a lav mic because I'm moving a lot in my videos.

  • Also, have a plan.

  • Have some structure.

  • Just like you put all this brainstorming and work

  • into your products, do the same thing with your live.

  • What's the purpose?

  • And that way you're not just getting on camera to be nervous.

  • So we'll finish up with a little bit of downward-facing dog.

  • Fan your fingers out wide, hands on the mat, lift your hips high and back.

  • It's crazy, how they've been performing.

  • I'll look at my 48-hour real-time analytics, and I'll see [an increase] on the live.

  • Even though it might've shown me

  • that there were only 600 real-time people in at once.

  • I can see in my 48-hour view that there were between 2500 and 3500 views within that hour.

  • And that to me is incredible.

  • Thank you so much for watching, I'll see you guys next time.

  • Absolutely, I think that you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone

  • in order to grow.

  • As a yoga teacher I think that, in my personal life I think that.

  • And, since I started live streaming

  • I feel like this is something that could really make my channel grow

  • that I'm really excited about.

The live stream's the authentic connection, the real-time connection.

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