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At first glance, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump
seem to be unlikely allies.
The United States will cease all implementation
of the non-binding Paris Accord.
It is an actual mistake — both for the U.S. and for our planet.
The Iran deal was one of the worst
and most one-sided transactions.
To officially recognize
Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
I thought that it was a mistake.
Macron, a young centrist, had won the French election
by rejecting far-right anger.
Trump had supported his rival,
the staunch nationalist, Marine Le Pen.
The two presidents' first encounter
last spring was awkward.
Trump extended his arms in greeting, but Macron
first approached Angela Merkel.
And when they did greet each other,
Trump gave Macron of his famous arm yanks.
Their handshakes would come to take on a life of their own.
What's being described as an epic handshake standoff.
Alpha male kind of engagement.
That's what I call a French press.
I think we just surrendered to France.
It was the beginning of Macron's political courtship of Trump.
Other European leaders, like Angela Merkel and Theresa May
have been wary of Trump's inflammatory rhetoric
and periodic taunting of some of the United States'
most trusted allies.
We work together does not mean that we are afraid to say
when we think the United States has got it wrong.
Retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do.
Macron has mostly tried a pragmatic approach.
He shrugged off some of Trump's provocations.
I think we should not overplay the situation and his tweets.
At Bastille Day, Macron
impressed his American counterpart
with a military parade in Paris.
One of the greatest parades I've ever seen.
And a promise of unconditional loyalty.
There was also the 30-second handshake.
Macron seemed to make a point of saying
he and Trump were in close contact.
I call him very regularly.
Probably three to four phone calls during the past weeks.
We have a very good relationship.
But why would Macron so openly embrace
a president who's unpopular at home and abroad?
It's an attempt to burnish his reputation as a leader.
It's also to bolster the perception
that France is the key middleman between the United States
and Europe at a time when the United Kingdom is grappling
with Brexit and Merkel is struggling to hold onto power.
But those are intangibles.
On the harder issues of policy, experts
say Macron's efforts to try and sway
Trump on everything from the Iran deal to climate change
have so far come up short.
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Trump and Macron’s Relationship, Explained | NYT

154 Folder Collection
Rachel Kung published on May 11, 2018    Rachel Kung translated    reviewed
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