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You know sometimes it's difficult for us
to gauge how we should be dressing. Maybe

you feel like you're too young and it's
hard for you to dress up, or you're maybe

older and you want to try out some of
those youthful trends but don't know if

it would look weird. But remember when it
comes to style and fashion there are no

hard set in stone rules you can always
push the boundaries and try new things.

These will most likely just be
suggestions to kind of guide you.

First let's start how you should be dressing
when you're in your 20's. So if you're in

your 20's, like me, you are in what I like
to call the sweet spot. Typically you're

probably still single,
usually fewer responsibilities, you

probably have more time in your hands.
Which overall gives you a lot of

flexibility when it comes to your
aesthetic and what is deemed acceptable.

And keep in mind that most brands cater
to this age group, so there's a wide

range of styles and fits out there for
you. But this is still the right time to

start investing in staples. You are
starting to get older and you will be

maturing very soon, so you need at least
one good pair of leather shoes. Again,

you're getting older you're gonna need
at least one good sharp suit, at least a

good pair of denim. You're also gonna
want a great watch. These are items where

you do want to spend a little bit more
because you're gonna be wearing it

probably into your 30's and even your 40's.
If it's a great timeless piece. A good

example, is this watch from our sponsor from
Original Grain. I think this brand should

be in every 20 year olds radar.
Especially, their minimal series. It's

affordable enough that almost any guy
can cop and the minimal clean aesthetic

works with all these styles are gonna be
composing. Like I said, your styles are

gonna be ranging in a lot during this
age group. This is where you're trying to

find what works best for you, what you
feel more confident in. Well a watch like

Original Grain will work with almost any
style from the simple t-shirt, to the

street style look, to the dapper look.
That's the great thing of a minimal

timepiece. But the great thing of
Original Grain and why I think it should

be in every guy's radar is that it's
super unique. Especially if you're

younger, you're gonna want a timepiece
that doesn't look like something your

grandpa would wear. These timepieces are
a hundred percent unique, I'm telling you

right now you probably won't find one of
your friends wearing this timepiece. But

regardless most guys don't know of wooden
watches. You, however you do and it's

great time to invest in one to set your
watch collection apart from the rest.

This watch even though it has wood in it, I could
still wear with the suit and I still
look sharp. The coolest part about

that wood is that my watch is one of one.
The wood grain is completely unique and

you can never replicate it. It's natural
so when you buy yours, that means your

watch completely unique as well. So if
you guys want to check them out they

have a huge selection when it comes to
their series. They have everything from

their Barrel collection, to their
Minimalist collection, to their

Chronograph, to their Brewmaster. There's
gonna be a style out there for you and

there's always something different that
you can choose from. To see what works

best, again with your style that you're
developing as you're in this age group.

If you guys want to check them out,
they're gonna be linked down below. And

to help you out even more, there's also a
discount code that way you can get them

even cheaper. Now, let's talk about how
you should dress if you're in your 30's.

So now time has flown by and you have
maturity and wisdom under your belt. You

spend your 20's experimenting with your
style so you already know what looks

ridiculous and what looks great and gets
you the most compliment. However, the

great thing is that you probably still
have youth and composure in your age

group. Which means you can still
experiment with the new trends that are

coming up, in synchronization with what
you already know works best for you. What

I do recommend is to avoid the ones that
may seem too childish or too hype beast

it might seem out of place in your age
group. This is a time where you should

also invest more in suits. In your 20's,
you probably only had one good suit. Now

the more the merrier. You also want to
develop a personal uniform. Now you could

probably be married, you could probably
have kids, you could probably have a job.

Which means your time is limited, so now
it's perfect an optimal time to develop

a personal uniform. You know what works
best with you, you know what gets you the

most compliments. Which means buy items
that fit that aesthetic and wear that

all the time. And finally the last age
group, let's talk about 40's and just

middle-aged men. By this time, your styles
like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

You no longer have to deal with the
fluff of trends. You stick to the

classics that you know look good, always.
The two things you want to really focus

on though are fit and color palette. You
probably don't look as trim and as

composed as you did. Which means fit will be an important
key factor. You want to make sure
your clothes fit so well to your body

silhouette that it makes you look
younger, it makes you look more fit. And

the second thing that I talked about was
color palette. To keep your wardrobe

refresh and not wear the same thing all
the time, you can still look at color

palettes in what is trending. So you
don't have to worry about the latest

trends that 15 and 20 year olds are
doing. But you can worry about what color

trends are working, what is more popular
now to keep your wardrobe refreshed with

the style that you already have built.
This is a great way to keep your

wardrobe refreshed. Keep it in style
without having to actually follow trends,

if that makes sense. And that's basically
it guys. That's a basic guide on how guys

should be dressing for their age group.
If you guys liked this video and found

it informative don't forget to drop us
a like down below. Also, don't forget to

check out our sponsor Original Grain.
They're gonna be linked down below as

well. That's it for me today, see you next

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How To Dress Your Age | How to Dress In Your 20s, 30s & 40s

476 Folder Collection
anne published on April 25, 2018
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