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  • (baby panda sneezes)

  • Oh, excuse me.

  • Oh, man. (sniffles)

  • I guess it's allergy season.

  • Dude, that was the cutest sneeze ever.

  • Stop saying that I'm cute!

  • (baby panda sneezes)

  • Oh, bless you. That was such a cute sneeze.

  • (groans, baby panda sneezes)

  • (laughs) Panda sneezes -- cute!

  • (grumbles) I'm not cute.

  • Bro, your sneeze was straight up adorable.

  • Stop! I'm not cute!

  • You think that was cute?

  • Oh, come on, man!

  • I'm not cute!

  • (baby panda sneezes) (shutter clicks)

  • -That was adorable. - Man #1: Let me see! Let me see!

  • Woman #1: Oh, man, that's the cutest thing ever. - Man #2: Oh, my gosh. Did you see how cute that was?

  • Woman #2: Um, yes, I just saw how cute that was. - Aah...Aah...

  • Aah! I'm not cute!

  • Where are you going ,man?

(baby panda sneezes)

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    Evangeline posted on 2018/05/28
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