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  • Sorry about that.

  • Oh, hi, Celine.

  • Uh, just give me a second.

  • No worries.

  • Ahh.

  • Finally, we're alone.

  • Weren't we always alone?

  • Um , yes?

  • I just needed some fresh air.

  • The bathroom is designed for privacy.

  • - I can't... - Is everything okay?

  • Yup, want to check out my toothbrush?

  • Mine's the one in the cup.

  • That's good. My toothbrush is blue, also.

  • Curse you, Pan Pan!

  • - I'm Pan Pan! - Huh?

  • Ice, uh, panda bear writes poetry.

  • Mon coeurs, mon coerus, tu me manque...

  • Aah!

  • Huh?

  • Aah!

  • Hi, Celine. Don't the stars look lovely?

  • What do you mean? Are you outside?

  • - Oh, here, let me help you. - Ahh, I see.

  • Uh, come on, Celine.

  • I know where there's an even better view.

  • Isn't this a lot better?

  • You are...

  • Aah! No, No, No!

  • No! No! Ahh!

  • Aah!

  • Curse you, Pan Pan!

  • Oh, there you are. The internet seems to be working.

Sorry about that.

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    Evangeline posted on 2021/03/08
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