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  • (electric guitar)

  • - Yay, it's finally summer.

  • It's my favorite season, so it's time for a Lookbook.

  • I got five outfits that are perfect for hot weather.

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  • All right, so let's get into the Lookbook.

  • All black in the summer has never looked hotter.

  • I rocked black on black for a cool athletic look.

  • My T-shirt is huge, and I just love the graphic in the back

  • because it has all these Greek gods.

  • I really loved learning about them in school

  • so it's just like a little reminder for my elementary self.

  • I did a little half-tuck into these runner shorts

  • for a sporty feel.

  • And then I rocked my Vans to stay comfy in the heat.

  • This next outfit is ideal for sunny days out.

  • For this look, I'm wearing some white on white.

  • This little wrapped top from Are You Am I

  • is one of the easiest pieces to style

  • because it just complements anything

  • like this fringed skirt.

  • I love that it has so much movement

  • and swing with each step.

  • And I can like totally imagine myself

  • dancing the night away in this get up.

  • No, you don't know me

  • And every little thing only time will tell

  • ♫ I may be climbing a rainbow

  • But baby, here goes

  • Summer time always makes me want to bring out

  • some unusual materials like mesh

  • so I thought it was time to style this daring yellow top.

  • This was kinda tricky to style,

  • but I thought the best way to go about it was to pair this

  • with a pleather bra over it for more coverage.

  • For bottoms, I'm wearing these denim cut offs to complete

  • this Kill Bill inspired look.

  • So here we have a super casual summer outfit.

  • I think this is great for everyday.

  • I'm wearing a fitted mock neck top from Guess.

  • And then I just tucked that in to my two-tone denim skirt.

  • I love that I'm wearing red, white, and blue,

  • but it's not giving me like, too patriotic vibes.

  • I think it's because of the checkered belt.

  • It just breaks apart the colors really nicely.

  • My last outfit is elegant and flouncy.

  • I love wearing more color as the weather gets warm

  • and I think forest green just really complements

  • my olive skin tone.

  • I love that this off-the-shoulder top has straps

  • so that you don't have to worry about

  • fumbling with the fabric or constantly pulling your shirt up

  • that's always annoying,

  • so having those straps there are key.

  • No, you don't know me well

  • And every little thing only time will tell

  • All right guys, those were five of my summer outfits.

  • If you want me to do more summer styling videos,

  • please let me know in the comments down below.

  • Or if there is like a certain fashion trend

  • you want me to style, write down below.

  • Also, if you couldn't tell, I got a new background!

  • This is my new office and uh!

  • These shelves from West Elm took forever to get here,

  • but I think it's all coming together.

  • I can't wait to show you the rest of this office.

  • That will probably be in my like June monthly vlog.

  • But I can't wait to give you guys a tour!

  • It's all slowly coming together, finally, at last.

  • I hope you guys have a beautiful day

  • and I'll talk to you guys in the next one.

  • Bye!

  • Mwah!

  • ♫ I'd like to make it with you

  • We can make it if we try

  • ♫ I really

(electric guitar)

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