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(upbeat music)
- Here we are, on the road.
It is July 2nd. We are on our way
to Orange County! - Woohoo!
- Today, we are going to a wedding,
which is why we are in our gowns.
Emily's brother, Charles, is getting married
to the lovely Michelle.
I haven't really been to that many weddings
so this is gonna be a first for me
where I actually know the people who are getting married,
so I'm really excited.
(upbeat music)
(audience cheering)
- Oh my god, look at Sophia, she a crying mess.
So Sophia and I, we changed dresses.
Sophia got full,
so now she's wearing my flowy little number.
- 'Cause you guys know my indigestion problem.
And then Jenn's is like, whoo! - I'm fine.
- Let that belly out. - I let the belly out.
I love this dress!
- I know, it's so pretty, right?
(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)
- Happy Monday everyone!
I'm here with the lovely Vincent.
The Photo by Vincent.
He does amazing photography for my girlfriend Jill,
he recently shot Heart and Arnold.
They drove all the way to Malibu.
- All the way to Malibu!
- Yeah, now we're shooting together for the first time!
We're on outfit number two, it's like
a white-on-white number,
and we found this lovely corner in the Arts District.
(mellow electronic music)
Alright, several hours later,
I am at Ashley's house warming party.
I've got my little drink here,
and people are slowly starting to filter in.
Her place is so beautiful!
This is her living room.
Mochi's outside.
She's got here Rare sign here.
This was a birthday gift from me and Stephanie.
Here's the karaoke machine, which I know
that we will be abusing.
Grem is here.
- Hello - She has arrived.
- My sister's residence.
Segundo's back there.
- Talking to my bro!
(mellow electronic music)
Happy Fourth of July, everybody!
We are at our friend's apartment complex
hanging out by the pool.
I am trying my best to get my tan on.
I am trying to get two shades darker,
especially for my body.
I don't know if you can see my makeup,
but I'm trying to do a festive red, white and blue look.
The red is kind of like more of a reddish brown,
and then the blue is all over the bottom half of the eye,
and I'm very pleased with the way it came out, I'm happy.
Sophie's here, she made it! - Hi!
- [Jenn] Of course, got the hot Cheetos fries.
Oh, these are the best flavor.
(mellow electronic music)
(gasps) Oh my gosh.
Oh, Cheeki's really not liking these fireworks.
Oh no.
It's okay angel.
This is Cheeki's first Fourth of July
and our neighbors ain't playing with the fireworks.
But yeah, our neighbors are really going to town
with the fireworks.
Oh my god, oh my god!
Don't know if you can see, but that is the exterminators!
If you live in a house, then I'm pretty sure
that everyone kind of deals with it during the summer,
but this heat has been attracting the ants,
the spiders, the insects, all into our home,
and I don't really have a terrible fear of insects,
but when I found ants in the bed,
I knew that it was just time to call a professional,
because that Raid wasn't really working.
So luckily my friend Jesse recommended this exterminator.
So hopefully this kind of cleans up the house
and makes sure that there's no creepy crawlies.
And today Ben and I are heading out to Terranea
because it is our three-year anniversary tomorrow!
So I'm really happy.
It's the longest relationship I've ever been in.
- [Ben] We're back.
- [Jenn] We're back!
- [Ben] Terranea!
- [Both] Terranea!
(upbeat jazz music)
All right, we made it to our room in Terranea!
We are here for our three-year anniversary!
Isn't that right?
- It is very right, we are very happy.
It's good to be back.
- I know. - It's been a few months.
- It's been half a year since we've been here.
- It has.
Chippo's very happy.
- Yeah, look at Cheeki trying to get the cupcakes up there.
- She had her explore.
- [Jenn] We got some cupcakes here, and then a bottle of--
- Savvy B.
- [Jenn] Savvy B, baby!
- It's good, I like this wine. - Yum!
- [Jenn] I haven't tried this wine.
Anniversary is off to a good start.
(upbeat jazz music)
- [Ben] Sit.
- It is a beautiful day, we just walked
to the beach right now with Chippo,
but Chippo wasn't allowed, so now we're just walking back.
(upbeat jazz music)
Breakfast is here.
Ben ordered the Belgian waffles,
and I got the breakfast burrito.
Happy three-year anniversary!
- Yes, we've done it, babe, three years.
- We've done it, we turned three today!
- We did it.
The Roo's are three.
- Split it? - All right.
- Yeah, think just chop it in half
- This looks good.
- Sides here.
We had this exact breakfast
just before I proposed to you?
- No, it was just after, - Oh, it was just after
the morning after.
- Yeah, when we got to the engagement party
There was so much going on,
- You had no idea!
- I was too stressed to eat.
- You were rushing to leave, and I was like, ugh,
- Yeah, you were - but breakfast!
taking your time, I was like, c'mon! (chuckles)
- I was like, just a couple more bites, please.
- It's nice to eat this and relax this time
- Oh my God, that's so good.
I feel like I only update you guys when we have food, but
- [Ben] (laughing) The best part of the day.
- [Jenn] It is, the best parts of the day!
Over here we have the chicken wrap,
and over here we've got a pokebowl
(upbeat jazz music)
- So, we just finished a couples' massage,
You look like you got way too much sun!
- I do, don't I?
Well I definitely did.
That along with the massage.
- We were literally laying out for
a good three or four hours.
- Yup.
Too much for my English skin.
- Yeah.
- Half Irish, as well. - Well look--
The white robe is making it look even worse.
- It's not as bad, it looks worse on here.
- (laughing) I feel like that's really what it looks like.
You're just in denial.
(upbeat jazz music)
- Jenn was a bit cold, so they brought up
- [Jenn] This huge torpedo.
(upbeat jazz music)
Happy 21st Birthday Jesse!
Got salmon.
What is this called?
- Cacio e pepe.
- [Jenn] Cacio e pepe.
Obviously we've got the healthy section over here.
- Not so much over here.
- [Jenn] No, back to pasta over here!
- Going for the bib tonight, 'cause that
on the white, it's not worth it.
- [Jenn] Doesn't mix.
♫ Happy Birthday to you!
(upbeat jazz music)
Happy Sunday everyone!
Currently in my workout gear because
I'm heading to the gym with Ben,
I had just like a couple of weeks of just
eating whatever I want and not going to the gym whatsoever,
so yeah, gonna go to the gym and then
gonna go grocery shopping after.
Also, I just wanna show you this cute bonzai tree
that Ben got for me for our three-year anniversary.
Look how cute it is!
Alrighty, back in the office, I am just currently
laying out all my outfits for my upcoming
'What Would Jenn Wear?' Video.
I have decided on these six outfits.
Feeling pretty good about them, I feel like,
I always wanna have a lot of range with the outfits
that I put into lookbooks so, yeah!
Hello! - Hello!
It is later in the day, Sunday,
I'm with Weylie.
- Sunday Funday.
- Sunday Funday, exactly! - Sunday Funday.
- We're having Wah's very belated
Birthday barbecue! - Birthday barbecue!
- That has like a really good ring to it!
- I know.
- Birthday barbecue! - Barbecue!
But yeah, we're here at the beautiful
apartment complex, it's so nice up here!
- It's actually our first time as a group, being up here.
- Yeah, it's nice! - It's nice,
we've got our blankets.
- [Jenn] This is from Coachella!
- [Weylie] Yes, our Coachella blanket is back
and we have this side as well.
Here's our tour.
(Jenn laughing)
Have another seat over here.
(Jenn laughing)
- [Jenn] We've got some food.
Wow, this looks delicious! (Wah laughing)
Wa on the grill.
What's on the fire?
- So over here, we have some marinated chicken,
and over here we've got marinated pork belly.
Got some corn.
Yeah, that's it for now!
- [Jenn] The vegetables are here, So-so is chopping.
Sophie and Silas did such a good job
washing these mushrooms, look how clean they are!
They're so bright and clean - You're so supportive!
♫ Happy Birthday to you,
♫ Happy Birthday to you,
♫ Happy Birthday to you
(upbeat '60s music)
- What's up, everyone, and happy Monday.
Little late start to the vlog today,
just went to a meeting all the way in Century City,
so that ate up like a good three and a half hours
of my day, but after, came back and I filmed
four outfits for 'What Would Jenn Wear?"
I did a total of six outfits, and Ben and I
thought it would be good to just take some shots
around the neighborhood while changing in the car,
but, my God, it was so hot, like it was such a struggle
putting on and off the clothes, like
everything just wanted to stick, and it was pretty funny
because prior to this day, I was just talking to Ben like,
man, this heatwave is awesome, I love the heat,
blah-blah blah blah blah, but I guess it turns out
I just love the heatwave because I was
in AC most of the time.
But today put me in my place, the heatwave is very real.
But yeah, I've been really happy that
we finished the outfits, that's a huge load off my back
because we are heading to the Hamptons on Thursday night,
I'm going with Revolve, I'm so excited for that trip.
I can't believe it's already been a year,
since the last one, but yeah!
Should be a lot of fun, but I just wanna make sure that
I wanna have all my work done before.
Also, I've been kind of playing around
with this makeup right over here,
I saw Pearypie rock this look on her Insta-Story
and I had to recreate it, and so this was my best attempt,
it's like violet eyeshadow and then
blended it out with some orange,
I think I might do a tutorial on this pretty soon,
so I've just been practicing the way this looks.
(upbeat '60s music)
Oh my gosh, look at this beautiful sunset behind me.
(giggling) I love lens flares, they're so beautiful.
It is later in the evening, and
I'm on my way to pick up Weylie.
We're going to have vegan sushi,
I'm very excited to see what that entails,
I'm assuming there's gonna be lots of vegetables inside.
So here is our appetizer, this is the gyoza!
- [Weylie] Gyoza, yes!
It's uh...
I already forgot what's in it.
(Jenn laughing)
There was something but I don't remember.
[Jenn] Yeah, I forget. - Is this soy free?
Dairy free sauce. - Yeah!
- Okay.
- [Jenn] It's all vegan!
(upbeat '60s music)
What's up everyone, it is Wednesday,
I am currently on the road, driving to the Roosevelt Hotel,
Hourglass is having an event there.
I'm not sure what they're promoting,
but I'm excited because I really love
their highlighters and their blushes.
I am driving because I'm actually
just trying to take a little break from Uber,
I mean, I do like Uber and Lyft, but,
there's just something really nice about just
being in your own car, being in your own space,
and it also kinda saves money, because
those Ubers definitely add up.
Any updates?
Oh God.
Yo, this sun is just gnarly.
(upbeat '60s music)
So last night was a little bit of a fail at vlogging,
I went into the hotel and I just
got completely overstimulated, and I forgot to--
or, it's not that I forget to film,
there's just a lot of stuff happening,
like we're seeing people, there's like
stuff being passed around, like food
and it's just hard to really capture everything solo,
but yeah, I just wanted to show you guys
what they were actually promoting, it is...
And they are promoting their new refillable lipstick.
They provided all the colors and I am so excited.
So the cool thing is that all these little sticks
go inside this gold tube here, and you're able to
just kind of pop it in your bag or whatever.
I still have yet to try it, but
I'll let you guys know what I think.
Also, here's some photos from last night,
there's me and Ashley, gettin' busted.
And here are the fingerprints of all the different colors,
or I guess just ten of them.
But yeah, I just wanted to come in, and
just sign off for this part of the vlog.
Today I am just running around,
I feel great because I've got fresh hair,
this is like the best feeling ever,
but Ben and I are going to New York tonight,
our flight is at 11:50pm, so we've got all day to pack
and just get the whole house situated.
I believe my brother and my friend Danny are gonna
take turns house-sitting our place, so
I wanna thank you guys so much for watching,
and I'll see you guys in the next one!
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Our Romantic Anniversary Getaway | July Outfit Diary

218 Folder Collection
ziting228228 published on April 24, 2018
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