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(bouncy music)
- Today is the first day of June,
so welcome to the monthly vlog.
I'm wearing a sweater,
because it's actually a pretty gloomy day today.
June gloom is very real,
but, as you can see,
Ben and I are in our new home!
- [Ben] Hello!
- He's cooking lunch over there, he's making bolognese,
but, unfortunately, I won't be able to eat that.
I'm heading out to Venice today,
because I've partnered with Daniel Wellington,
so I'm going to their store in Abbot Kinney
to check out their brand-new collection.
So let's head on over.
(bouncy music)
Hi, there!
Alright, so here is the gorgeous Bondi collection,
apparently Bondi is a beach in Australia,
so I guess it's named after that.
Oh, so it comes in a rose gold and a silver option,
but I'm digging the rose gold.
It's absolutely stunning.
These bracelets, you can also purchase
to layer with the watch.
The watch face is 32 millimeters, so it's nice and petite,
and the straps are also interchangeable,
so you can do whatever kind of color that you like.
This is what the watch looks like on,
as you can see, the rose gold really complements everything,
it makes my skin tone look very tanned
and perfect for the summer.
Oh my gosh, I love the way it looks!
These days, I just love wearing watches,
because whenever I check the time on my phone,
and I'm around someone, I feel a little rude.
But with the watch,
you can be a little bit more slick with it,
and just kind of casually peek like that.
If you are interested in grabbing
your own Daniel Wellington watch,
I have a promo code,
Just use "JENN15" and get 15 percent off your order.
Also, the couch has arrived.
This is from West Elm,
and I think Cheeki approves.
What do you think, Chippo?
Ben and I could both, easily, comfortably,
lay down here and watch the TV.
Eventually we'd like to get this mounted,
maybe we'll get a bigger TV then and mount it on the wall.
But, this is definitively going to work for now.
And then, our coffee table is gonna arrive tomorrow!
Whew, so I've been sitting at this same spot
for the past two hours, I believe.
I'm just editing my May monthly vlog,
I want to have this out by Sunday,
although I think I might upload this on Saturday,
because I'm going to Tokyo!
I'm so excited.
This year has just been a string of surreal events,
and I just looked up from my laptop,
and it's all starting to sink in.
Seven years ago, when I started,
I had no idea what this would amount to.
Now I'm sitting in my own home.
I'm just in a spot where I just feel very grateful,
and very thankful for everything in my life.
I just feel really happy, and I just,
I don't know, I just want to share this moment with you.
(bouncy music)
Our entrees are here, I got the chickpea bowl,
and Dawn got the Halloumi sweet potato bowl.
- Yum! - Yum!
Should I put it all in? - Just chuck it in, yeah.
We're making some vegetable skewers.
- Skewers. - Skewers.
We are having some friends around tonight for a barbecue,
here is one early.`
He's preparing the shrimp right now,
his mom's favorite Bang Bang Shrimp.
- I love zucchini.
(bouncy music)
(guests chatter)
♫ Looks like another love T.K.O.
(pilot speaks in foreign language)
Alright, so we just got into our hotel room,
but here are our little twin beds!
Very spacious,
and look at the beautiful bathroom,
it's like this gorgeous stone everywhere,
There is a Japanese soak tub over here,
this is like a wet room,
so you take a shower right over here,
and then you can soak,
and then look at this gorgeous view.
Oh my God.
I desperately need a shower right now.
And over here we've got the living room space,
a nice place where you can enjoy the view as well,
the lady told us that you can see Mount Fuji in the morning,
so another amazing thing about this room.
I just did a body shower,
and now I'm getting ready to go out,
Ashley and I are,
we have a meeting, actually, in an hour.
But after, we're going to go grab some ramen,
explore Ginza, which should be really exciting.
Pretty much wherever the day takes us.
I am here, with Shiseido, I'm doing a photo shoot with them!
And I feel like everything just kinda happened so quickly,
it's one of those last minute trips
that just kinda worked through.
So, I'm so excited to be back in Tokyo.
Tomorrow we have a full free day,
so I'm gonna eat as much ramen and tonkatsu
and sushi as much as I can.
So, that's my only agenda here.
(bouncy music)
Ramen is here!
This looks delicious.
- Cheers! - Cheers!
(bouncy music)
Good morning everyone!
Here with Ashley, we're in a cab
and we are on our way to Harajuku.
We're about to go shopping,
apparently we're going to this place called, La Floret?
- [Ashley] Laforet. - Laforet!
And it has like 12 stories of amazing stores.
So, I'm about to get my shop on.
(bouncy music)
Today is day two in Tokyo,
and it's also my day of my shoot with Shiseido.
I'm doing a shoot for their Waso Skincare Collection
and it's basically products geared for
just younger women on the go.
The first scene starts in this hotel,
actually in the spa.
So, I don't have to wear any makeup.
I'm just gonna draw some brows on
and then after we shoot that scene,
then I'm just gonna do my full face.
But, breakfast came, I just got the egg white omelet again
because the Japanese option is just like kanji and miso
and I just feel like eggs in the morning, right now.
(slow hip hop music)
Alright, so we just had lunch!
I had soba noodles, and now we're at our second location.
We are at a shrine, I also did a outfit change.
Now, I'm meeting everyone and the rest of the team.
(slow hip hop music)
I found it!
- Yay! - Yay, Bar Albatross!
Hi, so I just got back from Japan today,
or I guess this morning.
And the washer and dryer, finally arrived to the place,
so I can wash my new sheets.
I'm gonna replace these old ones,
which I've had for the longest time.
I honestly couldn't even tell you where
those sheets were from, I forgot.
But, I got some new gray sheets from West Elm,
so I'm gonna put them on right now.
(slow hip hop music)
Alright, the bed sheets are done.
I'm really digging the gray.
It goes nicely with the wall.
Still need to get some artwork there.
We're gonna get new dressers, that have more storage.
And, that thing will not be there.
But, yeah, our bedroom is coming along great.
Isn't that right Chippo?
Hi guys, it is Saturday.
I am currently gathering all my belongings,
because I'm heading out to South Coast Plaza,
which is in Orange County.
I am having a meetup with Macy's!
There's gonna be three other Youtubers there.
Louis, Tiffany and Sierra.
So, it's gonna be a grand old time.
I can't wait to see everyone who comes out,
hopefully people will show up!
Every time I go to meetups I am always just like
a little bit anxious, but not like a bad anxiety.
But, just kinda like butterflies in the stomach.
Ben is coming with me, to keep me company.
And I am excited to meet all of you guys!
So, I'll see you guys at the event!
(bouncy music)
Alright, so we are finally home after the event.
And I just wanna thank everybody who showed up.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
That was one of the best events ever.
And, we got through like 300 of you guys today!
So, that was phenomenal.
I never expect people to come out,
but you guys just have me floored
and also this not necessary by any means.
But I'm just, I don't know I'm just so touched
by everyone's generosity, I've got so many Hot Cheetos Fries
because y'all know that I love this.
Someone even gave me chopsticks to eat it with.
I got some books, some candy, a bunch of these fun snacks.
And a ton of these letters.
I can't wait to read all of them.
Thank you so much!
Oh my god I'm literally dying.
You look so adorable!
It says, "Adidog".
Walter and Cheeki. - [Rebecca] Hey, Walter!
- [Ben] What's up?
- [Rebecca] Don't show your teeth.
- [Jenn] Be a good boy!
- [Rebecca] He's like sniffing something
like don't bother me.
- [Jenn] Concrentrating. - [Rebecca] Yeah.
- [Jenn] Woah! - [Rebecca] Woah!
- [Jenn] Getting in there!
I shot with Rebecca today.
- Hey! - [Jenn] Hey!
My parents just left,
they came and saw the new place for a little bit
so that was really nice.
Today I uploaded my apartment tour video,
from my last apartment.
And, you know surprisingly,
it's getting a lot of mixed reviews.
Not everything can be a hit.
And it was filmed in a different format,
it was more of a, like a storyline.
There was some acting involved,
this is something that I've always wanted to do.
But, unfortunately, some people
did not seem to agree with me.
But, what can you do?
As a creator, I've been doing this for a long time.
And sometimes I just want to
make videos like this because it's fun and refreshing to me.
And those who love the video,
thank you so much for giving it a try.
I really appreciate it.
So we're having movie night,
and we're gonna make some popcorn!
- Yeah, we've just got two in there at the moment.
We're waiting for it to heat up.
Once they pop, we know they're ready.
And then we get these guys in.
And it's really fun doing this,
'cause you can add your salt, we got truffle salt.
- [Jenn] Ooh!
- Cooked in a little bit of vegetable oil,
but it's delicious.
- [Jenn] Oh my god, when is it gonna pop?
It is gonna make a loud noise?
- [Ben] It's gonna scare you.
- [Jenn] Oh my god. (laughs)
I'm getting a little anxious.
Riveting stuff. (laughs)
- [Ben] Yeah, we gotta keep a hold of this.
We have been waiting for it.
(Jenn Screams)
- [Jenn] Woah, it did it!
It became a pop-- (screams)
Oh my god!
She's licking my toes.
I think she thought I was scared.
- [Ben] Aw. - [Jenn] Aw.
I was scared. Oh, yes.
- [Ben] You like that don't you?
- You like that, don't you Chippo?
Anyway, Ben and I are having movie night.
We're watching "Catch Me if You Can".
- I can't believe you haven't seen it.
- I haven't.
- It is a classic, one of my favorite Leo films.
- I'm excited!
- Any excuse for popcorn!
- Taking Chippo to the groomers today.
Today, is just a day filled with errands.
I just dropped Cheeki off at the groomers,
because it's been like a good month and a half
since she's gotten like professionally washed.
And she needed a haircut.
So, I dropped her off at Pussy & Pooch in Downtown L.A.
Because they do a good job cutting her.
Right, I'm actually on the way back home because
I was gonna go to the gym to workout.
But, I forgot my headphones.
And, I thought like, could I workout without music?
And I was like, "no that's really not gonna happen."
So, I'm just gonna pop by the house,
grab my headphones, do a good workout and then I have
a phone call with a wedding planner at two O'clock.
It's all freaking happening, you guys!
I just wanted to make sure, well now we're in a tunnel.
Ben and I just wanted to make sure that we had,
just the house situated first.
'Cause that was just a huge ordeal,
and now that that's over,
we're gonna put all our energy into the wedding now.
(slow hip hop music)
Hi Genie, this is Jenn!
- [Genie] Hi, Jenn, I was gonna give you a call.
I was gonna give you a few more minutes
in case you were busy.
- Aw thank you!
- [Genie] Do you guys live in L.A. right now?
- Yeah, we live in L.A.
Alrighty, I just finished filming
the speaking portion for my Japan haul.
I really like this background.
Hopefully the echo doesn't exist.
But we'll see when I check out the footage, but yeah.
And happy boys!
- Very happy boys.
- [Jenn] Very happy boys.
And happy girls.
(slow hip hop music)
Good morning, it is Saturday morning.
Currently in front of The Oaks Gourmet,
I'm waiting for Ben and Simon
to go grab their breakfast burritos.
And I'm just kinda holding the fort here.
If you guys don't know who Simon is,
it's Ben's best friend from England.
He is the bassist of Young Guns
and he's in town for the week.
Our breakfast burritos are here.
Simone is in town.
- I'm having a good time.
(Jenn laughs)
Ben is showing me a very good time.
So, happy days.
- [Jenn] Currently on our hike.
You guys holding up okay?
- [Ben] Yeah just about. - [Simon] We're boiling.
- [Jenn] We have made it to the top!
Well done Simone.
- We did it!
- [Jenn] Well done Ben.
- That was a lot harder than it usually is, it's very warm.
Cheeki was struggling.
- [Jenn] Yeah, oh Chippo, but you're hanging in.
- [Ben] I was holding Cheeki,
it's like a hot blanket wasn't it Cheeki?
- [Jenn] Yeah. - [Ben] Yeah.
Alrighty, back at home I feel amazing,
I showered and I just feel like a new person.
But, that hike knocked me out,
I really forgot how crazy it is, but yeah,
Cheeki is doing just fine.
She just had a bath and she's freaking tired.
I am editing my "Favorite Books" video
which is out tomorrow!
This has been so highly requested
and it's been on my to-do list for the longest time
so it feels so satisfying to like cross it out.
But yeah, that comes out on Sunday,
tomorrow is also Father's Day.
I'm having a barbecue with like my entire family,
so that's gonna be amazing.
So this is the state of my office right now.
It is just an absolute mess.
I am normally quite a clean person,
but this move has just been a struggle
because I am just in desperate need of storage.
So Ben actually hung this rail up, and that one.
So, now I'm just gonna transfer
all my bottoms onto that rack.
I've just been putting this off and off.
Today is the day that I'm gonna try and make some progress
because this ain't pretty right now.
Hello everybody, today is Father's Day.
And my entire family is gonna come over in an hour or so.
And we're just gonna have a nice barbecue in the backyard.
I feel like in this month,
we've already done like three or four barbecues.
We've done a lot, so that grill is being put to good use.
Today is also Simon's last day here,
he's leaving in around two or three hours.
So, it's very, very sad.
I think that he had an amazing week here, so that's good.
Last night, I went on a cleaning rampage.
I cleaned for a good two hours.
And I know it doesn't look like
my office has changed at all,
but I have pretty much hung up everything.
I put the shorts in the closet.
I'm just waiting on some more hangers
and also the Ikea stuff came in today.
I bought three items and they all came in 45 pieces.
It's nuts, I think we're gonna
just hire someone to build that.
Because that's gonna be a mission for me and Ben.
Barbecue is in an hour and a half?
- Yep.
We are prepping now.
Gonna make some mash potatoes, some veggie kabobs.
Some white mushrooms. - mm.
- Went for the slightly bigger version, because version.
Mushroom 2.0.
- Yeah, my dad's bringing the meat.
My mom's bringing the salad and the salsa--
- Mm. - and the rice.
- Perfect.
- It's like when a server is like, "tell me when to stop".
Hi! (speaks in foreign language)
She brought a little house warming gift.
- [Ben] Wow! - Wow!
- That's so good.
- Oh my goodness.
Oh, thank you!
- [Ben] Thank you!
- [Jenn] Happy Father's Day, Apa!
- Thank you!
- [Jenn] Cheeki is making sure everything is good.
Nothing is dropping on the floor.
Alrighty, the food is prepared for our Father's day feast.
This spread is crazy.
- I'm so happy.
- Are you having a good Father's Day?
- Yeah, it's good food and everything comfort.
So, thank you very much.
For everything.
- Thank you for everything.
(slow hiphop music)
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Moving Into Our New Home + Tokyo Trip | June Vlog

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ziting228228 published on April 24, 2018
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