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Hello, everyone
my name is Anaelle and I am an SSI divemaster and Padi Rescue Diver
you might notice that I said SSI and Padi at the
Beginning of my Scuba title that's because these are the scuba school that are affiliate with
There is many differents scuba school
and as a beginner it might be quickly difficult to understand which scuba school you might
Fit better in and you might be a bit lost
So I want to do this video to give you a bit of advice on
My personal understanding of the different scuba schools
I'm going to talk about Padi
Ssi, and the French Federation
Because these are the one I worked with
the French federation might be something similar to some thigs in your country, so I really wanted to do something
Different that you can have too
so I started diving when I was about 10 and I started diving with
Padi, so I was a junior open water diver and
I started diving in France and then when I was 18
I went to malta to start taking a course as a dive Master and
The scuba school was working with was with SSI
So I switched to SSI
Now, I'm an SSI Divemaster, or Dive guide
both my sister and Nicolas have been taking some
French federation class so I can talk about these too to show you
What difference and what is similar between this scuba schools
So what's the difference between Padi ans SSI?
They work basicly the same
The graduation system to go from beginner to professional diver
It's quite the same
the difference between these two
And I think that it is main reason why so many scuba schools
are switching to SSI is because
If you have enough money you can be a dive master and within a month
with Padi
Whereas with SSI, you have this time
Approach that you have to take in consideration
So I think you need more time than one month to become a dive master
So that way also I prefer to be on SSI Dive Master
for that time consideration
One major difference also between Padi and Ssi
Are the dive logs
and I prefer Padi dive logs which are these
Whereas ssi dive logs look like that
So this one is really cool because you have one space at the back to put stamps and stuff
Whereas on the Padi ones. We just have to stamp on there and as you can see
My dive log is quite messy like that
but, I mean a
a dive profile is quite
the same if you want to have
Padi refils either than SSI one you can
and if you prefer the system for the SSI, you can switch
the cost for the level are quite the same there is no difference
SSI is part of the Mares group
So as a dive professional you might have to sell Mares
equipment more than any other equipment.
That really depends on the dive center, so
That's something you might have to take in consideration
If you trying to be a dive professional if you're not a fan of Mares stuff
and also Padi it's quite
it's still the most famous dive school that you might have all on the globe
If you live in an area that doesn't recognize at all ssi like in france there is no, I mean there's three or four
dive center that recognized Ssi in France
so that might not be the best option for you
Padi is quite recognize in France
but the main
Entity is France is the French federation, and I'm going to talk about it right now
as I said before both my sister and Nicolas class has been there
what I liked about Padi and
Ssi was that could level up wherever you wanted on the planet like I had my open water in Chamrousse
I had my
advance part one in Brittain and part two in the Caribbean and I had my dive master
With SSI in Malta so like
wherever I wanted, but with the french system you have to be affiliated with a club that has to be in your city and
You go there
diving every week
It doesn't have to be diving every week that you can have theory or you can have like swimming lessons
in a week in your Local swimming pool
Nick and my sister were happy about that because
it gave them regularly training like every week, we're going to dive or at least swim and
It gave them some where they belong to like they had a group and they knew they were going to
Dive with them they had several buddies that they were going in group in excursion
Which is something you don't have that much with Padi and SSI
several times when I was working in
Malta I had to
Explain to the other staff members what their level were
they haven't got like open water or advance
They had level one, level 2, level 4... and on and on
So it was really complicated to explain them because
for example the first level is between the open water and the advanced water
Because they were trained all year
they were able to go deeper than the open water one but not as deep as the
Advanced one, so
if you have a
Local level make sure to know the equivalent
To the Padi or the SSI one because
you won't have always someone who is familiar with your
system so sometimes you might be
Deny diving or you might have to prove or to do an equivalency
Which is not something very cool if you are here in vacation, and you want to dive
I can understand that
The last thing
I want to point out is that the french system and I think all the local system
will have that: a diving insurance with their annual
registration which is not offer with
Ssi our Padi system. You might have to purchase an additional
Insurance which is really important and might do a video about that if you want
So yeah, this is it
Hope I cover all the point if you have any more question about the scuba school or entity that you might be
questioning yourself about joining,
please leave them in the comment section below I'd be really happy to help you with that and
You can also tell me in the section comment section which Scuba school you choose and why?
maybe you have some points that I didn't thouht about
If you like this video give you the thumbs up be
Feel free to share it with your friend who wants to
Start Scuba diving, but who's not sure about which one to choose
See you in the next one. Bye
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Padi vs SSI vs FFESSM \\ What scuba diving school to choose? // Crazydivers

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Wei Lin Hua published on April 24, 2018
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