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RHPC House
Wow, this is actually pretty entertaining.
They're actually pretty good fighters for YouTubers.
Hey, who ate all the scones?
See? Everybody is getting in fights now.
Even Matt Jacob Williams got in a fight and he just started YouTube like a month ago.
I mean, he might have just started but his numbers are huge.
Yeah, and he's really controversial and really good at starting drama, like-
-like when he called out The Blah-blah Brothers and exposed them on Twitter.
Oh yeah! And that time he roasted insertnametv? Like literally, he lit his house on fire!
It was a sick burn!
So what? I can do things like that! Like the other day, I tweeted out uhh... All these YouTuber's fighting in real life. Seems pretty interesting.
and then I added one of those "Hmm" emojis.
You know which one right? On the iPhone it's like
Yeah... That's not a good callout

What are you talking about?? I did the "hmm"
That's an obvious invite to fight!
That's not even a good tweet!

Actually, someone did respond to that
A lot.
Who's Alex Wussubai?
Alex Wassabi
hEy rYaN
"Interesting, I'll show you something interesting, GRRR
"Respond back if you ain't skurred"
"If you don't respond, you a BEEP!!!"
"Jk, but for real @ me bro."
"Or DM, I'll be waiting fam."
You guys are equally bad at call outs
Those are call outs?
Look, he's been trying to get me to fight with him
ever since that whole drama trend even started.
Even back when it was just diss tracks
So, I don't get it then. Why don't you just fight him?
Or, at least start some drama or something?
Yeah, he has over ten million subscribers, and he's like, the same size as you
Yeah, plus he already wants to fight you
You guys are like a perfect fit!
So I don't see why you guys don't wanna just-
Cause this is my first time! Alright?
You mean, like your first time ever?
Well, yeah
Not even like a subtweet or anything?
No, okay, I never had online drama with anyone
Okay, I just, I just want my first time to be
I don't know, special...
I know it's stupid.
What?! No, we get it
Yeah, we just didn't know how much that meant to you.
Well, it's never gonna happen anyways so what's the point?
What?! Come on, no, you know tons of big YouTubers
I'm sure at least one of them wants to-
You don't think I've tried reaching out to every single one of the contacts I built on YouTube over the past 12 years
hoping that one, just one of them
would be interested in fighting me.
You don't think I've tried that?
I should probably try that-
You really should.

Alright, so this is the list of YouTubers that I can get in contact with
that are either in the drama scene or they're just really popular, so...
Who do you guys want to start with?
Guess we'll start from the top
Felix! Whassup, man! How yo-
Oh, no, I didn't- I didn't mean any disrespect by that-
I didn't mean to call you that
I'm sorry Mr. Pie!
KSI! My boy! How you been, JJ?
Yeah, Jake's not answering
Neither is Logan
"Drama Alert!" What's up, Keem?
Fousey! What's up, bro?
RiceGum! What's up!
Wait, you do wanna?
Okay! No, that's- that's great!
Yeah we could totally!
I dunno, like a 155 pounds
Wait, nonono I can- well I can lose the weight
I- I can change! No du-
Think I just got fat-shamed
Kay, who we got next?
Well, there's only one left
Who is it?
Matt Jacob Williams
What's that supposed to mean?
C'mon, I don't wanna be a downer, but
Let's be realistic
Real-? I- I am being realistic!
I know the guy personally, okay?
I met him at the Steamy Shotty awards
He just had the biggest fight ever.
Everybody wants drama with him.
Do you even have his number?
Yes! Okay? Jus- Watch.
Matty J Wills! Nice to talk to you again!
First off, I just wanna congratulate you on the last fi-
Wait who is thi-
one sec
Oh its the wasa-bai guy!
You changed your name in my phone?
Where did you even get the chance to do that?
You don't know where I live!
No! Nononono, no! I don't want you to prove it!
Don't you- Don't you dare!
Yeah, so uh, Matt said he's busy
Let's face it
I'm just never gonna have beef with anyone.
I mean sure, I could start drama with some random person, but
in order to escalate that drama from mean tweets to a diss track,
to an actual fight that people wanna see,
you need the real stuff.
You need that passionate loathing
that authentic disdain that only comes from two people
who just know how to get under each other's skin and just
piss each other off to the point of hatred!
That's what true hate is!
That's what people wanna see!
It's just not who I am
I would never be that way
Hey, this is scone crumb
You said you didn't take the last one!
Really? That's what you're gonna focus on?
I spill my heart to you guys and you're not even listening?
Maybe you just haven't met the right guy yet
or girl

It's 2018, guys
Sure you're be teased a little bit in the beginning, but
Hate is hate!
You just have to have an open mind!
I'm not gonna fight a girl, okay?

I'm not co-ed, I like guys!
I fight guys
Whatever, don't have to be so heterophobic about it
Hey, you just got a text from Matt Jacob Williams

He says he's here!
What would 'Matt Jacob Williams' be?
Oh, that son of a -
Heeyyyy Ryan! It's good to see you again!
What do you want Alex?
Well, I- I've noticed that you haven't been responding to my texts,
Tweets, DMs, Facebook messages, Handwritten lett-
I don't wanna talk to you, okay, so what's your point?
Well, my point is
When you called me earlier, I was literally in the middle of packing for Europe
I got offered a fight in England
I was going over there and I thought
"I can't leave without figuring out what this is, what- what is this between us?"
Okay first of all, I did not try to call you, okay?
I don't know when or how you did it,
but you changed your name in my phone
Oh that was when you left your phone at the Steamy's!
I don't know how you, of all people, got a fight, but
I don't care!
So if you came here just to rub it in my face,
No, no, no, no, no! That's not it at all!
Then what are you here for?
I came here because...
Cause you're my dream fight
Something about you rejecting me over and over
and over and over and over
and over and over and over and ov-
Yes over and over a lot of times! Yes, what?
Again and again, it just builds up my hate for you!
And I won't be able to focus on this fight in Europe or any other fight
Until I get a definite answer from you
So, once and for all,
Ryan Anthony Higa
That's not even my middle name...
Will you fight me?
≧ ω ≦
Alex, I don't know how I could have been any more clear than I have been up until this point
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
I feel like I know where you're going with this
And before you do
Okay, I don't know if this is just because you're stupid
and you really can't understand what I'm saying,
Maybe you just went deaf through your own high-pitched girly voice
But get this through your
dandruff-breeding head!
I will never
fight you!
If this is about the dandruff, I've been usin-
rip gloves :
I get it
I'll just, uh,
You know, Ryan?
You will NEVER find true hate in your heart unless you ch-
Shut up!
Look at you
What about me?
You're glowing! With rage!
I'm not "glowing," what are you talking about?
I've seen you upset before, but that
That was different

You even had some decent insults there!
I know, right?

It was like "where was that coming from?"
I thought he was actually gonna punch him in the face

Like, if I
I'm not gonna fight Alex, okay?
I don't care how many times you guys keep bringing it up
But you saw what he's like, okay?
He, he's just, he's just weird, and he's annoying, and sure
I might dislike the guy...maybe a little bit
But I don't like
Seriously, okay like
You- you saw what he's like
He hacked my phone!
That's, that's not just crossing the line, that's illegal, okay?
Just even thinking about him right now,
it freakin makes me like...
I freakin just-
Hate him?
Whh-what?? No????
I don't- I don't hate him!
I don't...
00:08:13,080 --> 00:08:14,200
I don't /hate/ him,

I dislike him a lot, but
Go get him!
"Cause you're my dream fight!"
"I will never EVER fight you!"
"Something about you rejecting me"
"over and over and over and over and over and over!"
"And over and over and over!"
(peek Ryan's fake running)

"Again and again!"
00:08:49,715 --> 00:08:52,195
Dude, why'd you park so far, man?
What do you want, dude?

Haven't you yelled at me enough?
No I haven't.

Not even close.

Its hard for me to admit this but
I was wrong!
Like, you and everyone else around me can see that there was something here, and
I just didn't wanna admit it because, I dunno, I was
How do I know you're not just saying that?

Except I never felt like this about anyone else ever before.
Well, jus..just thinking about what your face looks like
I just get so angry, you know?
I have been looking at you right now
I can see our future together. I can see us fighting.
You don't know how bad I want to put you in a rear-naked choke
You could put me in an arm bar
We don't even have to stop!
Even after the tap! Cause Alex, I...
I hate you.
So much!
You make me more hateful person
than I ever thought I could be.
You mean it?
I do.

Every last bit.
That was really mean!
Now I stand here
just a boy
standing in front of another boy
asking him to fight him.
We don't need gloves!
00:10:30,000 --> 00:10:31,300

Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop!
This is just sad!
No! No WeApOn!! No weapons!!!
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Will You Fight Me?

182 Folder Collection
msa1126 published on April 22, 2018
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