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- Aww! Aww, that's so nice!
- It was number one?!
You are kidding me!
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
- (FBE) So today, we're gonna
be showing you clips of 10 videos.

And these are the top 10
trending videos of the year

according to YouTube.
- I like top 10s.
I know a little something
about top 10s.

- (FBE) And we're gonna see
if you can guess the correct order.

- Okay, okay
- I know how YouTube works.

I know the YouTube mindset,
so I think I should be good.

- Oh! No, not one of these!
- Not again!

Why do you guys
keep making us do these? (laughs)

We stink at these!
- I've done rom-coms
with my girlfriend,

and then I did
top 10 YouTube videos.

I did well on those. For these,
I'm not confident at all,

'cause I don't give a flying eff
about the trending section.

- ♪ I'm in love
with the shape of you ♪

- Yes! Oh my god, Kyle!
Okay. Okay, okay.

- ♪ I'm in love with your body ♪
- Ah, I love dancers.

- Get it, boy! Oh, shoot.
- I haven't seen this video,
but I know my girlfriend has,

'cause she loves
dance videos so much.

- That was a cool dance.
I cannot do any of those moves.

I'm gonna put that as a six.
- Seven for now.
- Number four.

I just remember it did so well.
- Let's give it a seven.

Ed Sheeran had one
of the biggest years with that song.

- Let's just put that at seven.
- These dancing videos
are very viral,

especially on Instagram.
- (James) Oh!
- Oh! Again?! Ed Sheeran!
- Oh my gosh.

- Wow, Ed Sheeran's killing it.
- Oh my god! Yes!
- (James and Ed) ♪ Now my bed sheets
smell like you ♪

- That's gotta be huge,
'cause Ed Sheeran is the biggest

if not close to the biggest
person in the world right now.

- I like Ed Sheeran.
I wanna be friends with him,

just a side note. Ed,
if you're watching, just hit me up.

- I'm gonna put him at three.
- Yeah, that's definitely
number three.

- I'm gonna give this a five.
- A five?! Okay.

- What do you wanna do? Hold on.
- I'm gonna listen to you,

because I trust you.
- That's very viral.
I'd say four just to be safe.

Play it safe for now.
- I think three.

- Okay, put three.
- That is viral.

- I'm gonna give that a three.
That's gotta be a big one, I think.
James Corden is homepage king.

♪ (thrilling music) ♪
- Oh my god! I love this video.

- Oh, that's right!
I remember this!

- I don't even think
I've ever seen this video.

- Aww.
- I loved this one!
- Aw, this is cute.
- This has gotta be up there.
- (gasps)
- Oh! (laughs)

- In a Heartbeat, yes!
That was really good.

- I'm gonna give that one a seven.
- I'm gonna say six.
- Okay.

- I'll put it for five. Oh my god.
But I feel like it did so good.

- I think that should be a two.
- I'm gonna go seven with that one.
It definitely trended
when it came out,

but then I don't know
if it's a trend

that continued
or if it had its moment.

- (Lady Gaga) ♪ Can't read my... ♪
- Oh, Lady Gaga!
- Oh! Oh my god!

- Hmm, okay. Super Bowl.
- This is that viral?
- This is a viral video?
- Roni! This was

the Super Bowl performance.
- Oh, yeah. That's right.

- I would say it's
gonna be up there,

because the part after
where she jumps off

the top of the stadium whatever
was a massive meme for a good month.

- 10. Nothing special about that.
- I'm gonna put her for number one.
- I don't think--
- It's gonna go four.

- Super Bowl halftime shows
are always pretty big.

I'm gonna put it as an eight.
- I would put that as a one.
- You gonna put that as--

That's not a one, come on.
Let's give it a six.

- (sighs) All right, fine.
- It's just a Super Bowl performance.

- Number four. The music video was
poppin' but that one performance,

I don't think it outdid
James Corden, "Shape of You"

with Ed Sheeran.
- (voiceover) Let's review.

There's people on the planet.
- (gasps) Oh! This video
is mwah!

- "The history of the world", right?
- I've definitely not seen this.
- (voiceover) Now everyone
will want to be my friend

and live near me.
Let's all build houses.

Except mine is bigger,
because I own the food.

This is great.
- (chuckling)

- (voiceover) I wonder
If anyone else is doing this.

- Wow! This is one
of the top 10? Good for him.

That's gonna be number six.
- I'm gonna put that last,
because I literally

have never seen that video ever.
- Put it at five.
- Really?! It's that viral?
- Yeah. It went really viral.

- I'm gonna put that at five,
'cause I feel like that's one

that people keep coming back to.
- I've seen it,
and I kind of remember

that probably has
30 million views.

Okay, I'm just gonna
put it at eight,

just 'cause I don't know
where else to put it.

- I love this guy's channel.
- Yeah?

- I think it should be an eight.
- I think it's a nine.
- Okay.

- I'm gonna go five.
It's just so well done

And from an editing standpoint,
If you watch that,

you know how long it took.
- (Tyler) Any time you're doing
ping pong trick shots,

you've gotta have the hairdryer.
- Oh, trick shots?

- DudePerfect, yup.
- (Tyler) Oh, that's beautiful.
- Oh my goodness.

- (Tyler) This is the floating ball
bow and arrow blaster.

- Yo!

- Oh my gosh.
- Oh my.

- Oh, that's so cool.
- That was actually
really impressive.

- I'm putting that at eight.
- Yeah, put that at eight.

- Put that at a nine.
- We're gonna go with nine 'cause,
again, I haven't seen that one.

- Let's give that a 10.
- That's an eight.

I mean, it's no Ed Sheeran.
- 10, because they have
so many videos that get up there.

- That's a quick 40 million views.
That's number six.

I'm pretty confident, to be honest.
- ("Trump") Now,
I pretend I like you.

- Oh, boy. Oh. (laughs)
- Oh my god.
- ("Trump") We will build
a bar in rural Connecticut.

And we will make it...
- (both giggling)

- ("Trump") ...a bar
with a nanny,

and we will make it a bar
called Brown Lady.

And we will make it a bar
that has stuff in it

and extra good leather.
- Bad Lip Reading has been
killing it for so many years!

So good!
- I'm putting that at four.

- Seven?
- It's an eight.
- Man, this is
getting hard now.

(imitates Trump) I'm gonna say
that one gets a nine.

- A nine. I feel like
I screwed up this order.

Those get really good views.
- (Petunia) ♪ Summertime ♪
- Oh my god, I've seen this.

- Oh, shoot!
- ♪ ...the livin' is easy ♪

- (Tyra) Wow!
- That's cool.

- (Darci) ♪ One of these-- ♪
- (Petunia) ♪ Mornings ♪

- I haven't seen it.
That's incredible.

- I'm amazed
every time I see this.

- (Mel) ...trying to describe
how amazing it was.

You know what?
- (gasps loudly)

- (gasps) Boom. Wow!
- Aww! Aww, that's so nice!
- I'm impressed.
I've never seen that before.

- That one's gonna be number three.
- I'ma put this for eight.
- Okay, I'll put it at number two.
- (sighs) That's five. I just
can't give anything one and two.

And it's gonna suck when I see
these one and two videos

and they're not that viral.
- ♪(man singing in Thai) ♪
- This is a talent
competition too, isn't it?

- It's the masked singer!
I know this show!

- I've never seen this.
- What is this?
This is not viral.
- ♪ (man singing in Thai) ♪
- What the hell was that?!
How have I never seen that before?
Number six.

- Well, we only have two spots,
so we've got to put that at 10.

- I'm gonna put that as a one.
- I'm gonna not let you do that.

- Mask. I have a feeling about this.
Trust me. Just trust me, okay?

- 10. I'm really interested
in seeing what this number one--

I think is gonna be number one.
Hit me with it!

- (Robert) Scandals
happen all the time.

The question is...
- Oh! Yes.

- (both laugh)
- I imitate...
- (chuckles) It's so cute.
- Oh my god. Oh my god,
it's so awkward!

- (laughs)
- Here she comes, here she comes,
here she comes!

- Ohh! Oh my god!
- (laughs)

The slide in
gets me every time.

- Oh! (laughs)
She runs in grabs them.

I remember this.
- Man. I just want more,
just like it just constantly--

I want another kid,
I want a bear on a unicycle.

I want everyone
to just start showing up.

- Number one for now.
I'm gonna change it.

- BBC number one.
I'm keeping that.

- That one's going number two.
I just remember so many people
were talking about it for so long,

and I saw it everywhere.
Facebook, Twitter, everywhere.

- (both) Okay.
- Gotta put that as one for now.

- We are 100%
re-evaluating our list.

- (FBE) So now
we'll give you a little chance

if you'd like to
rearrange your answers.

- I think I'm gonna move
a few of these around.

Masked Singer to six
and the dancing kids,

the unity and diversity,
I'm moving 'em down to 10.

- I would say this one's the last.
- James Corden. This guy's
gotta be first, 'cause Ed Sheeran.

Donald (sighs)-- okay,
baby, too cute.

I wanna say that's two.
May God have mercy on my soul.

- It's 10 out of 10.
Every single one of these
is accurate.

- (FBE) Number 10 is "Children
interrupt BBC news interview."

- Shut up. Really?
- Oh my gosh! Really?!

- All right. That's one wrong.

- No! I put that as two.

- Oh my gosh! We put that as three.
So our list-- we're screwed!
- Gosh dang it!

- (FBE) Nine is In a Heartbeat.
- (gasps) Really?!

- Thank god. One.

Yes! One!
- No! I put that at four.

Everything is going to-- okay.
- Okay.
- We're doing great.

- (FBE) Number eight is
"The history of the entire world."

- Mm, I was kinda close on that one.

- Yay! (laughs)

Got one! We got one!!
- (quietly) I said number six. Yeah.

- I gave that seven.
- Oh my gosh.

Hey, we had that at seven.
We were close.
- We were close!

- All right, cool.
- I'm blaming you for all of these.

- No, shut up!
- Okay.

- (FBE) Number seven is
the inauguration bad lip reading.

- Oh. Whoa.

- I put that as three! (cries)

- Oh.
- We had it as five.

- We didn't get the point. (laughs)
- That's okay.

- (FBE) Number six, Lady Gaga's
Super Bowl halftime show.

- No! Oh my god. Okay.

Wow, I really messed that one up.
- No! I was gonna swap her
with the singer!

- Really?! (gasps)

I thought that would've
been more viral. Oh my gosh.

- Yo! I did-- That was all me.
- That was all you.

That was all him. That was all him.
That was all me. You see?

- (FBE) Number five is
Ed Sheeran's Carpool Karaoke.

- Oh, c'mon! I was one off.

- No! I thought that would
be number one!

- Really?

Oh, I'm really excited
to see what number one is now.

- He's not one? What is one?!

- Oh!

- That was me?
- That was...

- That was me once again.
- Okay, whatever.

- I'll take that.
- "I'll take it."

Take it, dude. Take it.
- (FBE) Number four
is Darci Lynne,

the ventriloquist from
America's Got Talent.

- I put that at nine.

- Oh, I gave that to
"Ping Pong Trick Shots."

- Ooh, I am way off.

- I was one off!
This is outrageous. I quit.

- (gasps) Oh my gosh!

We got one!
- Oh my gosh! One right!

We got one!
- We got it right!

We won!
- (FBE) Number three is
"Ping Pong Trick Shots"

by DudePerfect.
- Really? That was number three?

- Wow.
- My goodness.

- Oh my god. I should've
put that way higher.

- Nice! Okay, that was
a lot higher than I was expecting.

- They just have so many videos
that do well!

- (FBE) Number two is
Ed Sheeran, "Shape of You" dance.

- Wow. I gave that a five.

- Dang it! Dang it! Dang it!

I knew it! Dang it!
Trust your instincts, Meadows!

- Don't tell me the Masked Singer
is number one. (chuckles)

- (FBE) And finally, number one
is "Until We Become Dust"

from a competition show in Thailand
called "King of Mask."

- No.

Shut up.
- How is that one?

Oh my god.
- I knew that was gonna be

the most viewed one.
- Dang it, man!

I had it open!
I had the slot open for it!

- That show is so popular on--

not in America, but in the world.
- It was number one?!

You are kidding me!
- I'm just happy I got one.
And then I was close on a few,

so I'll still take the win.
- Because we got one,
I think we did great. (laughs)

It's not about comparing
yourself to others.

It's about what you can do.
We met our goal.

- We did.
- We achieved one. (chuckles)

- We got one.
- I'm so excited!

- Thanks for watching this episode
of YouTubers React.

- Subscribe to all these
amazing YouTubers.

Links are in the description.
- Bye, guys!

- Hey, guys. Vartuhi here from FBE.
Thank you to all the YouTubers

that came and joined us
in this episode.

Also, a big thank you
to Tiny Vista, Mattdot,

and Karla Hernandez. Bye, guys.
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146 Folder Collection
Johnny Tsai published on April 22, 2018
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