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  • First it was the horse,

  • then the railroad,

  • then the automobile.

  • Now, the greatest minds in tech are working on the next transportation revolution.

  • But not everyone agrees what that will be.

  • Eye-catching proposals like the Hyperloop and self-driving cars are dominating the headlines.

  • But some technologists are focused on solving a much more mundane problem: congestion.

  • One solution could be travelling through the air rather than on the ground.

  • Uber promises to have flying taxis operating by 2020 in LA, Dallas and Dubai.

  • The company says these flying taxis which look like a cross between a drone and helicopter will ultimately be the same price as cars.

  • It's working with Bell Helicopter and Boeing's Aurora to build them.

  • Google co-founder Larry Page has backed Kitty Hawk.

  • A flying car company that's completed more than a thousand successful flights.

  • But manufacturers face major challenges.

  • Electric aircraft require huge bursts of power for vertical takeoff, and that means large heavy batteries.

  • Also these aircraft have not been safety certified in the US, and aerospace rules would make it difficult to operate a large fleet in urban centers.

  • That's led others to look in the opposite direction, underground.

  • Elon Musk recently founded The Boring Company.

  • And his vision is for an urban network of underground tunnels where cars travel on an autonomous skate at up to 150 miles an hour.

  • Traveling on that would look something like this test run, carried out earlier this year.

  • Traditional tunnel building can be bureaucratic and expensive.

  • And digging can move slower than a snail. By reducing the tunnel diameter by half.

  • The company says it can dig faster and reduce costs by three to four times.

  • The problem is there's no indication yet it can bore its narrow tunnels as quickly and cheaply as hoped.

  • When it comes to revolutionizing transportation,

  • there are no easy solutions.

  • So the simplest projects may be the ones that take off first.

First it was the horse,

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The Next Transport Revolution

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